Spring 2014
Redesigned SBC.net: New Look, Ease of Use
Executive Committee to Review SBC Article III on Representation
Executive Committee Meeting Highlights
Week of Prayer for North American Missions
The Math Behind NAMB's Send North America Strategy
Crossover Baltimore to Bring Hope through Partnerships
Baptisms and Other Signs of Life Among New Churches
Article III Proposed Revisions and Q&A
Page: Open Dialogue Improves Race Relations
The Kingdom of God: Catchphrase or Conviction?
ERLC: Substance Abuse Prevention
Are You Tithing from Your Estate?
Ohio Church Grows from Cooperative Roots
2014 SBC Annual Meeting Theme and Artwork
Cooperative Program Ministry Reports Now Available
ETC: Ethics, Trends, and Culture
For the Pastor's Wife: Swimming in the Fishbowl
This Issue's Open Meeting


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Redesigned SBC.net: New Look, Ease of Use

SBC President Fred Luter

Southern Baptists can now access important information and resources online more easily than ever.

SBC.net has a new design, updated features, and simpler navigation. The new look to the website provides an "easier way to find those dependable resources Baptists need and use most," said D. August Boto, executive vice president and general counsel of the SBC Executive Committee.

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Executive Committee to Review SBC Article III on Representation

The Southern Baptist Convention's Executive Committee will consider a proposal at its June 9, 2014, meeting to update the SBC Constitution regarding qualifications for churches to send messengers to the annual meeting.

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Executive Committee Meeting Highlights

Read about Fred Luter's final sermon to the Executive Committee as SBC president, "The Other Side of Ministry," and Frank S. Page's hope for the future of the Cooperative Program.

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Week of Prayer for North American Missions

This year, six individuals and couples, representing thousands of missionaries serving throughout the United States, Canada, and their territories, are spotlighted during NAMB's Week of Prayer. The other two days focus on strategies to continue penetrating lostness.

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