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Executive Committee Allocates $1.41 Million for Disaster Relief
Crossover 2018 Incorporates Personal Evangelism
SBC Entities Join Forces to Encourage Gospel Conversations
State Convention Disaster Relief Response
Celebrating a Century
PrayerLink Engages in Prayer, Expands Missional Footprint
PrayerLink Leaders see Clarkston Refugee Ministry in Action
Equipping Refugees for America, Eternity
Young Leaders Advisory Council
EC Convention Advancement Council Presents Book
Lottie Moon Christmas Offering
A Legacy of Missions Giving
A ‘Thank You’ for Your Church’s Eternal Impact
In All Things Pray
SBC President Steve Gaines Calls for, Promotes Prayer
Montana Church’s Strategy and Tactics Include CP Giving
2016–2017 National Cooperative Program Income and Distribution
For the Pastor's Wife: Giving Up


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SBC LIFE November 2000 Table of Contents


Lengthen the Cords, Strengthen the Stakes • Addressing the Executive Committee on September 18, 2000, SBC President, James G. Merritt, observed that cooperation and conviction are the two tools God has used to bless our convention.

Belief That Makes a Difference SBC Executive Committee President, Morris H. Chapman, challenges the proposed plan for the Baptist General Convention of Texas to dramatically cut support for SBC seminaries and other SBC causes, and defends the Cooperative Program’s effectiveness in advancing the gospel .

The Price of Theological FidelityIn his report to the Executive Committee on September 18, 2000, R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, challenged Southern Baptists to continue to pay the price for theological fidelity in its seminaries.

One House - One Heart at a Time: A World Changers Report • In projects all across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico this summer, World Changers demonstrated a concern not only for patching up substandard housing, but also for introducing people to a Savior who can rebuild lives. ~ by James Dotson

Cooperative Purchasing Stewardship • Believing that stewardship on a denominational, church, or individual basis is an act of worship, Southern Baptists are using collective buying power to free up operational funds for ministry. ~ by Jeff Gossage

Chastened Chaplain: A Forthright Account of Failure and Renewal • From 1962 to 1978, Bob Harrington, the "Chaplain of Bourbon Street," was arguably one of the best known ministers in America until his decline and fall took him from the public eye. Now he's come home and candidly details how his highly publicized fall, and his less publicized return to the Lord came about.

The Weigh Down Heresy • A weight-loss program that has been criticized for its controversial health practices now is drawing fire for the questionable theological views of its leader. ~ by John W. Kennedy

Executive Committee Resolutions • Two recent resolutions by the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention address the controversy over the proposed plan for the Baptist General Convention of Texas to dramatically cut support for SBC causes and seminaries.

The Old 100th Revisited Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord. Joyful noises are to waken those who’ve grown too solemn in their solemn assemblies. So, turn loose of your up-tight propriety, your thumb-worn impiety. Rejoice! ~ Calvin Miller

Be Possible • There are times when you just need to do something. Make an effort and decide to do it now — not later, now. Everything is possible today. ~ by Charles Lowery

Mosaic • A Baby Step in the Right Direction • Impact of the Gospel • Well Said!

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