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SBC LIFE February/March 2001 Table of Contents


Safe Harbor: Volunteer Ministry to Seafarers in American Samoa • It wasn't long after Rob and Sandra Stip arrived at the Pago Pago Seafarers Center in American Samoa in 1998 that they fully understood why God had called them there. ~ by James Dotson

Twelve Who Represent the Work of Thousands During the Week of Prayer for North American Missions, we are reminded of the more than 5,000 North American missionaries, from American Samoa to Montreal, Quebec, who are involved daily in fulfilling the Great Commission.

A Day with Annie Armstrong • As the first corresponding secretary of Woman Missionary Union, it was obvious that Annie took very seriously the word "corresponding." She wrote thousands of letters — lengthy epistles that touched on everything from personal details to professional concerns. ~ by Carmon Keith

NAMB Missionaries: On-mission to Share Christ • The North American Mission Board has more than 5,000 missionaries serving in the United States, Canada, and the U.S. territories sharing the gospel message by ministering to people's needs in various church and community settings.

A Climate of Righteousness • Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee challenged a crowd of nearly 200 diplomats, embassy officials, and other guests Dec. 12 to act as "thermostats" rather than mere "thermometers" — setting the climate of righteousness in leadership rather than merely reflecting shifting values. ~ by James Dotson

Crisis in Yugoslavia • As the Serbian people face their first winter with a new democratically elected government, evangelicals are scrambling to minister to a nation left nearly bankrupt materially and spiritually. ~ by Tobin Perry & Brittany Jarvis

What Southern Baptists Really Did in Orlando • Key voices on all sides of the Southern Baptist theological debate are saying that Orlando was a watershed convention. From the perspective of conservative leaders and messengers, the revisions affirmed the conviction that our personal knowledge of God in Christ comes through His revelation of Himself to us in all the Scriptures. ~ by Julian M. Motley

The Evidence is In: Genetic Technology and the Beginning of Life • In view of recent genetic analysis, there is only one conclusion: cloning proves life begins at conception! This is a position that Christians can now assert with scientific conviction. ~ by Kelly Hollowell, J.D., Ph.D.

Casino's Moral Impact: Churches' Emergency Funds Targeted by Gamblers • One of the most rewarding tasks the Rev. Don Moore relishes is the chance to do a corporal work of mercy, but over the last five years, he has begun to suspect an increasing number of those who come to him in need are trying to scam his church for money to feed gambling addictions. ~ by Maureen Hayden

Playing Upward • The National Basketball Association has dunking sensation Vince Carter. College basketball boasts coaching legend Mike Krzyzewski. But the Upward Basketball League lays claim to a far greater presence on the basketball court — 120,000 girls and boys learning about Jesus and jump shots. ~ by Ashley Michael

Seize the Net: True Love Waits Goes on the Web • On February 14, students around the world are being asked to "Seize the Net" by signing and e-mailing True Love Waits commitment cards over the Internet.

Web Sites for SBC Churches - FREE! • LifeWayLINK, a new service by LifeWay Christian Resources' eBusiness Group, is making high-quality Web sites available for SBC churches. The service is user-friendly, eliminates the typical online barriers faced by ministries, and is available at no cost.

Still Falling Short • According to a recent report by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, the United States government's policies toward religious persecution overseas remain woefully inadequate two years after passage of the International Religious Freedom Act. ~ by Tom Strode

Worldbeat: Southern Baptists with a Heart for the World • From evangelistic campaigns in South Korea to prayerwalks through obscure villages in China, Southern Baptists from the United States are spreading the love of Christ across the globe.

Slouching Toward Gomorrah • Imagine this: God loves Sodom and Gomorrah! The moment that we forget that, it is not just Gomorrah that is dead. We, too, are dead. God holds no glee over the death of cultures. He grieves over all urban wickedness and longs to call sinners back to their lost Eden of relationship. ~ Calvin Miller

The Gospel According to Pooh • That night, when Breanne said her prayers, she thanked God for Winnie the Pooh and, "Oh yeah, my dad." That night I felt I was in pretty good company. I also learned that if you can't relate God to the world people live in, you might not be communicating at all. ~ by Charles Lowery

Mosaic • From Death to Life • Teens, Alcohol, and Drugs • The Demise of Evolution • Recognizing The Standard • Under Fire • When Good is Evil and Evil is Good • Censoring David and Goliath • Still Going at 98 • Trafficking Humans

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