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People in a postmodern, relativistic world need to be asked, "got life?" - and shown evidence that Christianity is true - before they will turn to Jesus.

A new evangelism tool, "got life?", is designed to make presenting and defending the gospel in a postmodern world more effective and simple.

"This new system is designed so you can do the whole presentation of the gospel in less than eight minutes," said Frank Harber, a Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary professor of evangelism.

Harber and Southwestern President Kenneth S. Hemphill developed the "got life?" evangelism tool, which uses apologetics and simple acrostics to communicate the salvation message.

The idea for "got life?" came about after a meeting between Harber and Hemphill about two years ago. The two decided someone needed to create a simple evangelism tool that also used apologetics.

"We haven't found any other go...