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Luke's Vision for Church Life in Acts
People often view the Acts of the Apostles as a book about "going and telling"—a book that describes the spread of witness to Jesus to the ends of the earth. But Acts is also about "going and gathering."

The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy will be complete December 17, 2003, with the long-awaited and highly-heralded theatrical release of The Return of the King. No doubt it will experience, and perhaps exceed, the tremendous success of its two predecessors. This final segment promises to present J.R.R. Tolkien's tale of the realities and struggles of absolute good and evil in the same stark and engaging form as the first two installments.

The Lord of the Rings is simply one of the great works of Christian literature. Tolkien used the literary form of myth to communicate the truth about God's providence and our need for a savior. Most people think of myth as referring to a story of something untrue. Tolkien thought exactly the opposite. He saw myth as a way of entering into a story world that would use unreal or imaginary things to describe very real elements such as beauty, honor, and sacrifice.

In his epic trilogy Tolkien gives us Middle-earth,...

The less accountable a Christian college is to the church and the less willing the church is to hold its schools accountable the more the trend over time is away from that church's confessional position. There is good historical research to support this claim in James Burtchaell's work The Dying of the Light: The Disengagement of Colleges and Universities from Their Christian Churches.1 His study shows how nearly every Christian college in America that breaks away from accountability to the church eventually drifts away from biblical authority and has either left or is on its way to leaving Christianity itself.

Why does this drift happen? The fundamental reason lies in the answer to a basic Bible question. Where did God place the apostles and prophets, in the college or in the local church? The answer is clear. God gave the apostles and prophets to the church. They are her foundation, with Christ Jesus Himself as the cornerstone (Ephesians 2:2...