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Florida Baptist churches from Pensacola to Key West will be challenged to participate in Crossover 2020 to advance Who’s Your One prior to the SBC annual meeting in Orlando June 9–10.

During a year when mass shootings and suicides have stunned the nation, a resolution on "Mental Health Concerns and the Heart of God" was overwhelmingly approved by messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention’s June 11-12 annual meeting in Houston.

The resolution offered by the SBC Committee on Resolutions sought to "affirm, support, and share God's love and redemption" while opposing "all stigmatization and prejudice" to those with mental health challenges.

The resolution identified mental health issues such as autism disorders and intellectual disability; mental health conditions like schizophrenia, clinical depression, anxiety orders and bipolar disorders; and diseases of the aged including dementia and Alzheimer's.

The resolution expressed support for "the wise use of medical interventions" and supported research and treatment "when undertaken in a manner consistent with a biblical worldview."

Specifically addressing suicide as "a tragedy, leaving heartache, pain, and unanswered questions in its wake," the res...