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In 1857, businessman Jeremiah Lanphier acted on his burden for the spiritual condition of New York City by organizing a prayer meeting. The first gathering on September 23 was attended by only six people. But starting with those six, God began a great revival. Within six months, over ten thousand New York businessmen were meeting everyday for prayer. A Great Awakening had begun.

We are in need today of another Great Awakening. Churches both inside and outside the Southern Baptist Convention are struggling. The difficulties are as numerous as the churches, but the vast majority of them could be resolved by a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit on His people.

Our culture is also in great need of God’s intervention. By practically every measurable standard our nation is in spiritual freefall. If we continue on our current path, we can only expect a greater judgment from God than we are experiencing today.

Thankfully, our God continues to offer grace and extend mercy. He is the God of hope and second chances. In 2 Chronicles 7...