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Dear Southern Baptists! Thank you a million times a million for the unspeakable privilege of serving you the last two years as president of the Southern Baptist Convention. While I earnestly plead for your continual prayers, please, please begin now to pray long and hard for our new president, Dr. Frank Page. Recently I've been asked several questions from across the Convention which, in a fashion, summarizes these days.

Dianna was asked by her pastor in Illinois to attend the first Originator FAITH Clinic back in 1998, being held at First Baptist Church, Daytona. She had no idea what it was about but it sounded interesting, so she went. The following accounts demonstrate how the training changed her life - and is still working today!

FAITH changed my life. At the first clinic I was teamed with a man, the leader, and another woman who was a trainee. After observing all week, on the final night it was the trainees' time to share. I was very nervous about being able to remember everything. We visited with a man at his workplace, and the other woman presented the gospel to him — and he received Christ! I was amazed, excited, and so happy. He called his wife and arranged for us to go visit her. It would be my turn to present the gospel. To my delight she, too, received Christ! I was ready now to go home and share all that I had experienced and learned.

At home the first person...

They say God always hears a mother's prayer. I believe that to be true. A mother knows how to pray for her kids. She is always asking the Lord to send someone to encourage them and lead them back to their faith or lead them to the Lord. So don't let up; keep on keeping on 'till Jesus returns!

My name is Greg, and I was raised in a denomination other than Baptist. In high school and through college I always had weekend jobs that kept me out of church, not that I really wanted to go anyway. My praying mother would attempt to get me back into the 'active' Christian mode, but I was just too busy for it.

Years later, after getting married and having two kids, my marriage was not what it should have been. My wife and I were missing something in our lives, despite having financial security in our jobs, a new house, and two healthy, wonderful kids. We didn't know what it was, until a friend called us one Sunday morning to invite us to church. We came...

What a powerful story about one man's love for his Lord and an urgent desire to help others avoid hell and find eternal life and heaven. Consider this amazing account of Bakari from Doug Weaver who serves with IMB as executive vice president of the East Africa Bible Institute. May we be found as faithful.

Bakari was born and grew up in a Muslim tribe near the Indian Ocean in Southern Kenya. On a Wednesday night last March, Bakari was persuaded to attend a Baptist church. Bakari was only willing to go to a church because of personal illness, and he was desperate for help. That evening, at forty-two years old, Bakari found Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord cost Bakari everything. His wife immediately divorced him, the family disowned him, and his job was taken from him. But he had found Jesus, and Bakari never looked back. He immediately and enthusiastically began to be discipled by Ushindi Baptist Church. He loved being at church, ...

Do you believe in divine appointments? Consider this account from a sister church in Florida.

Our FAITH team from First Baptist Church of Crystal River, Florida, set out to make three visits for our church. The card from the FAITH office was labeled: "Please visit this one first." We were ecstatic, because the card said he was interested in finding out how to be a Christian. (Now, I ask you, is this a dream visit or what?) It was the first visit of the semester, and I had new people on my team. I was anxious about how I would model an actual FAITH visit before them.

Our excitement waned when we went to the home and his neighbor said he was not at home. The neighbor said he might be home around 8:00 p.m. We have our celebration time at church at 8:00 so we decided to come back, after other visits, if we had time.

Our next two visits were in opposite directions. It was now close to 8:00, and we had to decide to go on to the church or go back by Tom...

If you have ever worked with teens or had one in your home, this story will sound all too familiar. It plays out most every day, in every school and in every Sunday School class. But often we don't know what an opportunity we have in front us. Our students have such great potential — as you will see in this account from a FAITH team leader.

Our student FAITH team assembled together before departing to go share our faith. Our team was assigned three ministry visits consisting of sixth- and seventh-grade girls, because I am the sixth- and seventh-grade Sunday School teacher.

The first visit was good. All the girls on my team played softball with the prospect we were visiting. We uncovered two prospects on this visit. Instead of continuing on with the other visits assigned, our team decided to visit Misty.

You see, several weeks prior, our team was returning from all our FAITH visits when I noticed a young girl walking down the road. The girls on ou...

Friends, never underestimate what God is doing or where He might be working. He calls us to "be ready, in season and out of season." Mike's team was prayed up, prepared, excited, and looking to find where God might be working.

On a brisk Tuesday evening my FAITH team, consisting of myself, my wife, Denise, and Linda were out making FAITH visits. It was an incredible night that none of us will ever forget. I had become a Christian and a member of First Baptist approximately two-and-one-half years prior to this night. It was our fourth semester in FAITH and my first semester as a team leader. I was nervous but had been encouraged by my previous FAITH team leader that I could do it. So here we were.

We had made two visits and we were a little discouraged because no one had been home. Our preacher always says, "Make just one more visit before you come in." So we decided to go to a large apartment complex (already assigned to us in case no one was...

The following story is from Randy Ray, pastor of Temple Baptist Church, in Tallahassee, Florida.

Robbie Yost was a FAITH fanatic! That's what I call the people in our church who are truly sold on the FAITH strategy for ministry. Robbie was definitely sold on FAITH — and for good reason. She was the first person saved through the FAITH ministry of our church. Before telling you more about her, you should understand why we started FAITH.

As it is in so many places, we had become comfortable with who we were, where we were, and what we were doing. We were that way because I was that way. If the pastor is complacent, the church is happy to follow. To equate it to suburban life, we were like those church members who have a comfortable house, multiple automobiles, and enough cash flow to do whatever they wish. It's easy to get the rich fool syndrome from this state of life. I knew this wasn't right, and God continued dealing with my heart about getting o...

This was not only a first for the high school, it was a first for the entire county's history — State Champs!

As the Mainland High Buccaneer football players and coaches took the stand and received their championship metals, their eyes focused above as they thrust their index fingers upward pointing into the heavens. Hardly anyone in the stadium seats had any idea of the extraordinary miracle they were now beholding.

Coach Garner had been coaching for years and recently gave up offers to be head coach so that he could continue as assistant coach. The Lord was at work in him now ... calling him to something extraordinary.

"Many years of coaching had confirmed in me that, overall, students had 'good hearts' and were very open to change in their lives." Coach Garner continued, "Those students with bad lifestyles were the result of bad habits, not closed hearts. God put on my heart the desire to find a meaningful ...

Dr. David Cox, our co-pastor at First Baptist Church of Daytona Beach, had an extraordinary experience several years ago, prior to coming to Daytona Beach. This account proves again that you never know what thrilling happening is ahead when you take the gospel into the world!

The Lord never ceases to amaze us, does He? His mercies (and blessings) are new every day. His faithfulness is great. Some of His greatest expressions of blessing and faithfulness have been expressed, in my Christian life of late, via the FAITH ministry.
I was elated upon being invited recently to preach for revival services at First Baptist Church, Montgomery City, Missouri, where my father had pastored from 1968-1973. On Monday afternoon of our revival week together, I was visiting with a FAITH team, knocking on doors as we invited people to the evening services.

"Hello," a forty-year-old lady said as she answered the doorbell.

"Have you heard what's happen...