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It is doubtful that many children — or adults for that matter — got dominos for Christmas this year. If any did, it's likely they have already lost a few of them before New Years.

Maybe we'd all be better off if we bought some dominos just to stand them up, line them up, and give the gentlest touch to watch them all fall over. Or perhaps there is even a more worthwhile and rewarding "domino effect." Here's a story to illustrate that point.

Our lives before we became Christians were lives that centered on drugs and alcohol. We looked forward only to the weekend so that we could fill it with a bottle of liquor and a bag of drugs.

We had no hope or purpose in our lives. We were angry, lonely, and fed up with just about everything. The booze and drugs helped to drown out all these feelings, or so we thought. Life had no meaning to us. I say us, because my wife shared a lot of these feelings as well. We were both in sear...

This Christmas I'm looking around our home at all the manger scenes Maudellen and I have collected. I am, of course, thinking of the baby Jesus and the meaning of Christmas — a Savior is born!

When Jesus was born don't you know that his mother counted every little chubby finger and toe that kicked and punched the air above His manger. Mothers do those things, especially with newborns. They also dream, pray, and hope about their child's future. How could Jesus' mother have ever imagined that those same little fingers would be nailed to a cross as part of God's plan to save lost souls?

After a Wednesday night youth rally a young mother, with tears of joy in her eyes, told this story of her son and "those same little fingers."

"This is my son's second year participating in Student FAITH and this week I saw just how serious he was about being obedient to God's Great Commission. He invited a friend from school to...

Deep in Mormon country, Dennis Stoneman is pastor of FBC Burley, Idaho, where Jesus is doing an exciting work. Here's the FAITH story of a lady in his church named Darla, and I'm sure you'll be as blessed as I was by her new-found joy.

We came to Burley, Idaho to build a dairy, but God had more than a dairy in His plans.

The first few months we lived here were filled with adjustments to a new school, new town, and a new business. I didn't understand why God would move us away from our friends and our church, which had been our life for over eight years.

I knew I needed to find a church, so I began to call around. First Baptist took my name which I thought was strange since I hadn't decided if I was going to visit there or not.

One Sunday we were "vegging" on the couch and a young man and some teenagers came to our door. They said they were from the First Baptist's youth group. I was just glad they weren't Mor...

Here's a FAITH story from a sister church about a man's old liver that got him a new heart.

Our church has completed three semesters of FAITH and God has blessed in each semester. Although we are a small church, God is blessing in a big way! Because of our FAITH outreach ministry, Sunday School attendance and enrollment is up, baptisms are up, and there is joy in our membership that we are keeping the "main thing the main thing" which is reaching the lost. I want to tell you about one such example of God blessing our FAITH ministry.

A man and his wife had been attending our church — the wife was saved but the husband was lost. They had come for a number of weeks and seemed to have really enjoyed our church. After a week or two we sent a FAITH team by their home to explain the love of Jesus. We were certainly welcomed in their home, but it became obvious that this might be a seed-planting ministry visit instead of a harvest visit. Upon visitin...

I just received the following testimony from a church completing their semester of FAITH strategy. The FAITH training begins each week with testimonies of how God has worked in the participant's life between each FAITH training week. On this particular training day, late into the spring semester, the participants were asked if they had any testimonies from the week. Mary spoke up and said she would like to share something that happened on Friday evening.

She was having a quiet night at home when the phone rang and she heard her daughter's voice say, "Mom! Can we talk for a moment?" What was unusual about this call was that the mom had not heard from her daughter since Christmas Eve following her daughter's selfish outrage at the family Christmas gathering. Her outburst put such a damper on the gathering that the family very quietly began to leave the home, going their separate ways.

Let's go back to the phone call! The mom said to her daughter, &q...

Paul Reed is Minister of Music and Senior Adults at Hopeful Baptist Church in Lake City, Florida. I want you to hear his story about "A Plane — A Bible — A Bathroom — A Believer!"

As I was flying back from leading music at a revival in Oklahoma, I sat next to a man who looked to be about sixty years old. I took the opportunity to talk with him about Jesus and found out he had no church experience at all. I asked him if he ever thought about heaven. "No," he answered. I went on to try and talk with him about heaven, but he said he wasn't interested in talking about it. So, I decided to leave it at that and just wait until later.

The flight took a little over two hours. In that time I was finishing a drama script for our youth choir musical. I had been using the FAITH outline card as a guide and had a small New Testament. About fifteen minutes before we landed I decided to give this man the New Testament along with the ...

You're going to love this story! Rev. Marshall Fagg is pastor of Forestville Baptist Church in Greenville, S.C. where FAITH Sunday School Evangelism strategy is their ministry approach. Rev. Bob Mathis of that church told me this astounding story concerning his Sunday School FAITH team.

Early in our FAITH semester our FAITH team had an assignment to visit a lady named Sadie. Sadie is the mother of one of our members and he was interested in assurance of Sadie's salvation. Sadie lived about forty-five minutes from our church and it was fall - so it took us past sundown to arrive. It looked as if no one was at home but after the long drive we were determined to knock on the door.

A teenage boy answered the door and kindly told us that he was Sadie's grandson, but she was not at home. He invited us in and after some conversation our team shared the gospel with him using the simple FAITH outline, and he prayed and asked Jesus into his heart!

The fo...

Peggy, the lady who among a million other things arranges my travel, had already alerted me about possible trouble ahead on this trip. "Pastor, as soon as your plane lands you'll need to go as quickly as possible to a driver who will be waiting to rush you on to the conference to speak. You'll have absolutely no time to waste."

The driver's welcome was, "Hi, I'm Sam and my job is to get you to the meeting on time to preach. It's twenty-five miles away, and we're already behind schedule." Immediately I liked Sam. He was bright eyed, energetic, casually dressed, straight-forward, and an athletic looking young married man.

"Brother Bobby, I've been in FAITH Sunday School Evangelism Training for several semesters and it has changed my life!" he declared. Now, I doubly liked Sam! As we briskly exited the airport and walked toward the curb, he said, "Jump in!" My puzzled reply was, "Jump into what?" He...

The following account was related to Bobby Welch by a FAITH team following a FAITH Institute clinic at their church.

It was time to make a follow-up visit and you always wonder just how the visitation team will be received on a second visit — especially when our follow-up card indicated the first visit had only been a few days before and it was a "cold call" opinion poll survey contact!

Our prospective visit was only one of the many discovered the week before during a FAITH Institute Clinic at our church. (The Institute is a Clinic that has two or more tracks of instruction.) Always there is a Basic FAITH track and a Veteran's track, for those already in FAITH. Often additional tracks are added such as Student FAITH, Spanish, or even Portuguese. Our Institute had over 400 clinicians and their hour and half visitation resulted in 543 completed visits with the gospel being presented 233 times, over eighty praying to receive Christ, finding over 294...

There was a tropical depression off the coast of Florida and it was a dreary, rainy night in Winter Garden, Florida. It did not seem to be the best night for the Sunday School FAITH team to be out visiting. The team had made a prospect visit, but John felt an urgency to go to a specific apartment complex. There they went from door to door — sharing one umbrella between the three of them. They were able to go through the opinion poll questions a few times, but without any obvious results.

It was getting late and they were ready to call it a night when they decided to knock on one last door. No one answered, even though they could see a light on in the apartment. They knocked again and because there was still no response, they started to leave. Just as they turned to walk away, the door opened and Glen greeted them with, "Yeah, what do you want?" Their first thought was to run but they introduced themselves, explained what they were doing, and asked if he would give th...