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After waiting four hours, Marisa (not her real name) nervously followed the assistant into the doctor's office. There, she would keep her Thursday appointment to abort the life of the baby growing inside her womb. Marisa, a twenty-eight-year-old divorced mother of three, had firmed her resolve. Her pregnancy was the result of being raped. In her mind, her situation fit one of the "unless" clauses in her pro-life beliefs. Haggard and distraught, she merely wanted to terminate the pregnancy and move past the trauma.

Marisa was told she would be given a standard sonogram before the doctor's exam. The sonar images would reveal not only how long Marisa had been pregnant, but also which procedure the doctor would use as well as how much to charge.

The assistant offered a concerned look whe...

Teenage pregnancy is an issue that must be confronted within the homes of Christian families as well as with Christian churches. Just as churches must be educated to minister to the pregnant, so must parents who hear the tough news — either that their daughter is pregnant or their son has impregnated his girlfriend.

Paula Odom, director of the Crisis Pregnancy Center ministry of First Baptist Church, Euless, Texas, said that parents need to remember, even in the tough times, that they are called to reflect Christ to their children.

"Be consistent with them, but be careful what you say. Don't ever tell them, 'Don't you dare come home pregnant!' That message is devastatingly frightening to them. Watch who your children run with, too. Always communicate with your children," she said.

Odom added, "Love your children unconditionally. Don't abandon them just because they have made this mistake. Tell them that you forgive them becau...

Contextualizing the Ministry without Compromising the Gospel

On a bright Sunday morning when most Colorado farmers woke before dawn to plant spring wheat, Denver's Riverside Baptist Church celebrated its harvest of souls. Riverside's annual gathering marked the fourth birthday of their Arms Around Denver missions program, and brought members and participants of its twenty congregations and ministries together for a time of praise and celebration.

This was to be no ordinary church service. A row of Harley-Davidson motorcycles growled to a halt in front of the church's east foyer. The bikers, who in any other setting would seem intimidating in their coal-black leather and crimson headbands, were actually members of a Riverside sponsored congregation. They stood at the door, welcoming all who entered with a warm smile and a hearty "howdy."

Their greetings were joyfully returned in a variety of languages. Amidst the "hi," "hello" and "welcome," there were also greetings i...