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While broad audience movies propelled the year-end box office in 1995, R-rated movies dragged down the total gross.

In Ted Baehr's "Report to the Entertainment Industry," he said throughout 1995 Hollywood seemed shocked some of its prized, big-budget movies flopped at the box office.

"For example, 'Jade,' 'Strange Days' and 'The Scarlet Letter' were dead on arrival and resulted in as much as $150 million in losses that left many people in the industry shaken," said Baehr, chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, with offices in Norcross, Ga., and North Hollywood, Calif.

Baehr, one of the first recipients of a "Covenant" award from the Southern Baptist Radio and Television Commission for promoting values in media, said a top studio executive expressed his concern by saying, "I don't know what the lessons are here, except we're making a lot of movies that people don't want...