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Southern Baptist pastors have high opinions of the Convention’s Cooperative Program, according to a study conducted by LifeWay Research

The survey of 1,066 SBC pastors found 81 percent agree the Cooperative Program fuels an aggressive global enterprise of reaching the unreached people groups around the world. Similarly, 80 percent say the Cooperative Program provides partnership opportunities for local, state, and national missions.

The study also indicates that pastors’ support for the Cooperative Program does have its limits. One in five pastors (19 percent) say the strategies of the SBC entities that receive Cooperative Program dollars are not moving in the appropriate direction and that SBC entities are not using their contributions effectively. However, the majority (55 percent) agrees the SBC entities supported by the Cooperative Program are moving in an appropriate direction. And 52 percent say the entities are using their contributions effectively.

Seventy-three percent of pastors say the Cooperative Program su...

It's a cold, rainy Saturday in New York City, and Vaughn McLamb ladles up steaming cups of chicken soup for the homeless, addicts, immigrants, and urban poor gathered at Tompkins Square Park on the Lower East Side.

Whether Puerto Rican, Chinese, Eastern European, or other ethnic background, they've come for FLIP — a free lunch in the park, a ministry provided by East Seventh Baptist Church and Graffiti Community Ministries. Graffiti Church, as it's commonly known, has been serving the Lower East Side since 1974. At the helm is North American Mission Board missionary and pastor Taylor Field.

Every weekend, Field and a group from Graffiti Church set up in the park to feed the hungry.

"We believe God has called us to reach out to those who have fallen through the cracks," Field says. Graffiti feeds ten thousand people a year, with assistance from partner churches and NAMB's Domestic Hunger Fund. The Domestic Hunger Fund represents 20 percent of ...