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I heard of a young boy who never spoke until he was seven. One day his mother brought him a cup of soup that was so hot it burned his tongue. He let out a string of words and told her she should have known better. In a shocked and trembling voice, she asked him why he had waited seven years to talk. He told her that up until that moment everything had been okay.

As I observe family-life in America, I'm not sure everything is okay. We seem to be producing a Peter Pan generation in which no one grows up. Some call it the boomerang generation. Many children never leave home, letting mom and dad support them. Even worse, if they do move out, they don't raise their own kids. They send them back to their parents' home! Each week I encounter grandparents who are raising their children's children.

I taught my Raising Terrific Kids In Turbulent Times throughout my ministry. It was even a successful video series. To be perfectly biased, it has some great material. I have realized, though, tha...

My current ministry consists primarily of relationship conferences for churches. Almost each week someone comes to the product table to tell me they are an exception to something I just said. They want to tell me why their marriage is different. These are believers who have trusted Jesus Christ as their Lord. They know they don't stand a chance against death; but when it comes to marriage they think they know more than God about great relationships. Why are there so many divorces among Christians? Why are Christian couples living as singles under the same roof? Why are there so many depressed wives and distant husbands? Why do we have so much conflict and arguing?

As a practicing psychologist, I have found that most of the people I've worked with did some incredibly dumb things. Many times I have felt like saying, "I am sorry that your insurance does not cover the preexisting condition of your being so stupid." Stupidity can be found in all walks of life—crooks, educators, Hollywood actors—but it is most apparent when we think we know better than God.

Dumb people can make you laugh. Two men were on trial for robbery, and the prosecuting attorney was examining the witness. He asked if the witness was at the scene when the robbery took place and if he observed the two robbers. The witness responded that he was and he did. The prosecutor then asked, "Are they present in the court today?" Before the witness could answer, the two robbers raised their hands.

Dumb and Dumber, the movie, might make you laugh, but dumb and dumber in society will eventually make you cry. How did we get so dumb? The Bible tells us that dumb people, or fools, say there is no God. We are ultima...

Many of you are (or will be, or have been) in Phoenix discussing church work. Ministry in Phoenix can be hard—I know, I’ve preached there. It’s so beautiful in the winter that heaven doesn’t motivate them, and it is so hot in the summer that hell won’t scare them.

But church work is hard everywhere. Did you pray at your last deacon’s banquet, “Lord, thank you for preparing a table for me in the presence of my enemies?” Is your church so small that when you say “Dearly beloved,” your wife is embarrassed? Do you feel as if each sermon is like explaining Leviticus to a four-year-old? Do you feel like you are the Titanic and the church is the iceberg? Is your latest vision statement “Misery loves company”? Was deacon grump-a-lot voted chairman and his wife believes her spiritual gift is suffering?

Speaking of suffering, did your best deacon say he never understood suffering until he heard you preach? And worse, the chairman of your over-budgeted and under-financed committee has been there so lon...

Charles Plumb, a US Naval Academy graduate who flew jets in Vietnam, was shot down by a surface to air missile. He ejected and parachuted into the jungle where the Viet Cong captured him and held him prisoner for six years in North Vietnam. Today, Charles Plumb lectures on lessons learned from that experience. One day, he and his wife were sitting in a restaurant and a man from another table came over and said, “You are Charles Plumb who flew jet fighters in Vietnam from the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk. You were shot down!” Plumb asked how in the world he knew that. This man told him, “I packed your parachute!” Plumb gasped in surprise. The man held out his hand and said, “I guess it worked!” Plumb assured him it did and said, “If your handwork had not worked, I wouldn’t be here today.” The pilot couldn’t sleep that night, thinking about the stranger.

A despondent man who was considering suicide contemplated every method that he knew. He could shoot himself, poison himself, hang himself, burn himself, or drown himself. To be absolutely sure he accomplished his goal, he tried all procedures at the same time. He climbed into a small boat and pushed it out onto the lake. He then put his head through a hangman's noose, which he hung from a limb that reached out over the lake. As he placed the loaded pistol to his head, he dowsed himself with gasoline and lit the match while drinking the poison. Suddenly, he slipped on the wet boat seat, which caused him to accidentally pull the trigger, which was aimed upward, thus severing the rope. He then fell into the water, which doused the fire. As he began to sink, he swallowed the dirty lake water, causing him to regurgitate the poison. He later said that if he hadn't been such a good swimmer, he would have drowned. Somet...

It finally happened to me.

I've been speaking fulltime for ten years, and pastors usually ask me to talk about stress, relationships, or habits. All of the things "shrinks" like me are supposed to know about. One of my messages is about habits and how our spirit has been redeemed, but our body still comes from Grandpa Adam. I tell a funny story about a church giving me a welcome basket filled with Snickers. At 10 p.m., in a lonely hotel room, a man of God like me cannot handle the temptation of Snickers. I pray, but my prayer soon devolves into a blessing for the Snickers — or sometimes many Snickers. Given my "Adam suit," the Snickers always win. Almost every week I try to help people understand the power of the Adam suit. However, last week, I was reminded that it's even more powerful than I thought.

I speak at the FBC Dallas "Power Lunch" the first Th...

A pastor asked his congregation to write down and turn in to him a list of what their fears were. He consolidated 525 different fears into seventy-three categories. Some of these were the fear of the dark, water, fire, not finding God's will, helplessness, loss of memory, MTV, sadness, judgment, not being worthy of God's love, old age, change, the unknown .... One person's handwriting was undistinguishable — was it fear of creatures or preachers? A staff member read it as well and said there really wasn't much difference in the two.

We all have fears; some we keep hidden but some we share with others. Do you fear job loss, that your kids will make mistakes with grave consequences, disease? Do you fear the death of a loved one — as I write, it is the anniversary of the death of our grandson Jake. I know that fear well.

A wave of fear is sweeping across America today. Someone ...

I love the ocean! I'm quite sure God called me to preach, teach, and go to the beach. My first time in the ocean, with my parents watching on the beach, was memorable. I noticed that my parents had moved the umbrella and towels about fifty yards down the beach. I thought they were trying to lose me. I looked again and saw that the hotel had also moved down the beach. Then I realized that I had moved. I had drifted and I didn't even know it.

The Bible teaches that we must continually renew our mind. Otherwise, we drift in our thinking and, eventually, our living. We must be in a constant state of renewal. That usually involves getting away from our daily lives to think about how we live. We must evaluate where we are going.

When our outside actions differ from our inside feelings, we are out of congruence. When we pile and pile bricks onto a wheelbarrow, it topples. As we continue to stuff an...

When a young girl arrived home from school and told her Mom that she was the smartest student in the class that day, her mom asked how that happened. "We wrote on the blackboard," the girl said proudly, "and I was the only one in the class that could read my writing." It is natural to look at life from our point-of-view. A chicken and elephant were locked in a cage together, and the chicken told the elephant that they needed a few rules. The first was that they not step on each other. We, like the chicken, look at rules and decisions in a way that will best benefit us.

A teenager being interviewed for a job at a movie theatre was asked what he would do if there was a fire at the theatre. The boy said not to worry; he would get out alright. That is not what the boss had in mind. The boss was thinking that he needed someone to care for others. This is what God expected when He established t...