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'... they know that Buddha's dead ...'

When Steve Marshall anticipated taking his first mission trip, he imagined sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ among the physically and spiritually impoverished living in village huts.

The North Carolina man never dreamed God would give him opportunity to witness to Cambodia's elite Buddhist monks as well.

Yet, during his first afternoon in Battambang, Marshall, 27, found himself spontaneously standing before an English class that included several robed monks. He and his wife, Stacey, had gone for a stroll to explore the city and stumbled upon the class. The teacher, a Cambodian, asked the American to read aloud from the students' lesson book. Marshall gladly obliged.

Then another mission team member handed Marshall a Bible. Marshall hesitated and quietly asked, "Are you sure it's OK to read this with the m-o-n-k-s here?"

As soon as he began to read the creation account from Genesis 1, Marshall knew that reading the word of God befo...

Should We Care if It's Offensive to Seekers?
The public invitation conceived by Separate Baptists in the late 1700s has throughout this century been one of the trademarks of Southern Baptist churches across the country. The Separate Baptists, who preceded Southern Baptists, were moderate Calvinists who believed that sinners may freely choose or refuse life in Christ. Their belief aroused a zeal for evangelism, and Separate Baptists are thought to have extended altar calls even before Charles Finney popularized the public invitation during the revival era of the 1800s.