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Editor's note: In one sense, the following article by Mr. Colson is outdated. By the time this issue is printed and distributed, the issue of who will assume office as our next President will have been decided — hopefully. However, because some noted political personalities have suggested the elimination of the Electoral College, we felt it would be beneficial to our readers to present Mr. Colson's observations from November 13 in the full context of the confusion following Election Day.

The scenes from Palm Beach, Florida — crowds protesting in the streets, banners waving, lawyers shouting — are beginning to look more like a banana republic than the world's most powerful nation. If this case is not quickly resolved, public confidence — a fragile thing at best — will be badly shaken.

Among the casualties of this mind-boggling situation could well be the Electoral College. Most citizens haven't a c...

It was the night before I was to deliver the keynote address at the National Day of Prayer meeting in the capital. Parading through my mind was the litany so often used before this bipartisan political gathering: Recite 2 Chronicles 7:14 and pray for national renewal.

Suddenly, I felt led to give an entirely different message. The theme chosen for that day was honoring God. But does our nation honor God? Clearly not. I realized that no matter how fervently we pray, the Lord will not grant renewal to a nation that does not honor Him. First we must repent, fall on our knees, and confess our nation's failure to acknowledge God.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn summed up the evils of the twentieth century in a pithy Russian proverb: "Men have forgotten God." Surely that is true of Americans. Just before the Day of Prayer, political pundits were scandalized because a Supreme Court Justice — Atonin Scalia — admitted he believed in Christ's resurrection. He wa...