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Evangelist Reunited With Brother After 44-Year Separation

Floyd "Lammie" Lammersfeld has seen the 1938 movie, "Boys Town," starring Spencer Tracey and Mickey Rooney, saying it is a good representation of what Father Flanagan's Boys Home in Boys Town, Neb., was like.

He knows because he lived there as a boy.

Lammersfeld, president of the Fellowship of Tennessee Evangelists and a full-time evangelist based in Gleason, Tenn., was placed at the home for boys with one of his brothers after living in several homes for orphans in Chicago.

Their mother had died of cancer at age of 32 and Lammersfeld and the boys were told their father was killed in World War II. Their stepfather did not adopt the boys and did not assume custody. Relatives discussed taking in the boys but said they would have to be separated.

The boys resisted. So the brothers, ages 11, 13 and 16, were designated as wards of the state.

John Peter, the oldest, soon struck out on his own and joined the Marines. Lammersfeld, the youngest, and Harley eventually were placed at the Boys Home, then known as Boys Town, which was much better than the other orphanages they had lived in. Harley did not...