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Deaf musicians inspire though they can't hear singing

When they sing the praises of the Lord, Mark and Beth Mitchum may touch the hearts of their hearers even though they can't hear the words of the music they perform. Yet, Mark says, "We're not disabled and we don't have disabilities. We just can't hear. People who are disabled are the ones who aren't willing to understand deaf people. God called us to minister to the deaf people." Which is why the Mitchums began Heartland Ministries as a way to communicate a simple fact: Jesus loves deaf people.

In the past few years God has expanded their ministry to include hearing audiences. Beth, referring to the effects of sin on a life, calls them "people who are crippled on the inside." The couple's sign language-singing is set to recorded tunes by Christian artists such as Steve Green, Babbie Mason and the Gaither Vocal Band. One song, recorded on a 44-minute music video, "Songs Alive in Chicago," asks the hearer to find peace for an "...

As the first of the Baby Boomers turns 50 next year, it's time to ask about their commitment to missions funding.

Most people agree with the premise that America's senior adults support charity more than do their children. Sociologist and author George Barna, for example, reports in "What Americans Believe: An Annual Survey of Values and Religious Views in the United States" that senior adults are the most generous when it comes to aiding people overseas.

Just over half of those 65 or older responded positively when asked by Barna if they would volunteer "time or money to help needy people living in other countries." The survey also shows senior adults are about twice as likely to volunteer their time and money for people overseas (i.e. for foreign missions) than those 26-44 and almost three times as likely as those 18-25 years of age.

Although the survey wa...