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Retired Farmer Turns Energies to Soul-winning

Over the past six and a half years, Walt Durant has led 629 people to the Lord.

Durant is not flashy, tall, or handsome. He is more comfortable wearing blue jeans and a cowboy hat than a suit and tie. He doesn't have a seminary degree; in fact, he never completed high school.

Oh, and one other thing: He's seventy-three years old.

Durant retired in 1992 and moved to Rogers, Ark., from his farm, where he had raised beef cattle. He said he had been involved with the visitation program at his previous church, but it consisted of "visiting people who had been members there for forty years." In all his years of visiting, he had only led one person to Christ.

In Rogers, he joined Immanuel Baptist Church. When pastor Thomas Hatley preached on soul-winning, Durant felt convicted and went forward, committing his life to evangelism. Shortly thereafter, Durant attended a class on soul-winning, and "I've been running ever since."


"Oklahomans want to build the state on sound moral principles and sound economics. People knew the issues and didn't falter." - State Rep. Forrest Claunch

"Don't roll the dice," Oklahomans said in February as they voted 2-1 against legalizing casinos.

Despite fears from state educators, votes on school funding millages were not affected by the heavy "no" tally against casinos. Most property tax millages, which provide most of the funding for public schools in Oklahoma, also passed by a 2-1 margin.

The final tally on casinos was 304,349 against and 139,024 for. The 443,373 votes represent about 22 percent of the state's registered voters.

In 1994, 697,000 Oklahomans voted against a state lottery.

If this year's measure had passed, it would have allowed casinos in four locations: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Sallisaw (far eastern Oklahoma), and Love County (far southern...