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An estimated 154 million Americans, 56 percent of the U.S. population, accessed the Internet last November. Though some estimates vary, the online community has grown by more than 900 percent over the past six years. User profiles indicate that the average user age (thirty-nine) is rising, and the average educational level (38 percent hold a college degree) is falling. Men and women, rich and poor, old and young — all may be found in the American online community. The Internet has now taken the front seat in worldwide communications, business applications, educational institutions, and media. The Internet has radically changed the way we think and the way we live. For many of us, it seemed to appear overnight. In reality, the Internet has been around for more than thirty years.

The Past
In 1957, the USSR took the lead in science and technology at the launch of the earth's first artificial satellite, Sputnik. In response, the United S...