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I was standing on my front porch one recent Saturday enjoying the sights and sounds of a beautiful morning when I heard it. I had heard the sound before, but I realized something for the first time: the faint, musical sound of wind chimes indicated a storm was coming.

Springtime in Texas means storms. One of the worst tornadoes ever to touch down in the United States tore a path through Moore, Okla., just a few hours north of here three years ago. The F-5 tornado had winds of 360 miles per hour. I had never seen such devastation. A tamer tornado hit Fort Worth two years ago, nearly destroying several skyscrapers.

A storm blew through my life in May of last year. My father, in tremendous pain and deep sorrow, took his own life. I was devastated. I spent months questioning God's existence, battling guilt, and looking for reasons to live. Fortunately a counselor, family, and friends helped me survive. While God didn't answer my questions as I'd hoped, I learned so...

In 1908, dynamic changes took place across the American landscape. The growing availability of the automobile proved to be one of the most dynamic. Henry Ford built the first of 15-million Model Ts that year. A popular saying was, "You could have any color you wanted as long as it was black."

The same could be said of seminary training in that day. Southern Baptists had just one choice, but traveling back east was difficult, if not unrealistic, for ministers serving in western states. America's highway system would not be in place for many years, and it was almost the same distance from Fort Worth to El Paso in West Texas, as it was from Fort Worth to Louisville, Ky.

Our Godly Heritage

B.H. Carroll, an outspoken Baptist preacher in Texas, was burdened with the need for a seminary for the growing Baptist presence in the west. In the spring of 1905, while riding a train through Texas, the aging preacher wrestled over what to do wit...