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Sixteen Baptist state conventions launched partnerships with Ramsey Solutions in an effort to help believers learn to manage their money.
Church planting among Asian groups, international missions to Asian peoples, and increased Asian cooperation with the larger Southern Baptist family are among the prominent themes in the Asian American Advisory Council report.
Domestic abuse is a common, but often overlooked, problem within churches that must be combatted.
As Southern Baptists converge on Ohio this summer for the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in Columbus, current SCBO Executive Director Jack Kwok said they will find a mission field that’s riper than ever.
The authors of the five articles that follow hold to various stripes of premillennialism and amillennialism.
You have prayed, "Thy Kingdom come." But can you define the term "Kingdom of God"?
When First Baptist Church in Oxford, Mississippi, passed a resolution apologizing for its 1968 decision to exclude African Americans from worship services, it opened the door for racial reconciliation in its city.
On September 15, 1963, a bomb exploded at Birmingham, Alabama's Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, killing four girls ages eleven to fourteen. Fifty years later, Southern Baptist leaders who remember the bombing say God used it to help inspire racial reconciliation even though the attackers intended only harm.

Charles Spurgeon was once accosted by an agnostic who challenged his Christian beliefs. In response, the great Baptist preacher contrasted the failure of unbelievers to mount a sustained program of aid to the needy with the myriad ways Christians helped the weak and defenseless. Then, playing off the prophet Elijah’s challenge to the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel, he said, “The God who answereth by orphanages, let Him be God.”

More than a century after Spurgeon’s death, twenty-three Baptist children’s homes affiliated with twenty state Baptist conventions stand as a continued testimony to the truth of his observation. In contrast to much of the world’s failure to help needy children, 530,000 children and family members received some type of assistance from Southern Baptists through state convention and regionally sponsored Baptist children’s homes in 2012. More than 9,260 children found a safe refuge in residential care facilities. This—combined with more than eight thousand decisions for Christ ...

So, what exactly does the president and CEO of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee do?

For Frank S. Page, who has served in that position since 2010, a big part of the answer is traveling the country to encourage pastors and other leaders to work together in fulfilling the Great Commission. In fact, Page says that the “CEO” in his title stands for “chief encouragement officer.”

“I enjoy direct contact with what I call real Southern Baptist pastors,” Page told SBC LIFE. “That’s small church pastors, medium church pastors. So I love speaking with them. I meet with lay people as well.”

Last year he preached almost every Sunday in churches from Massachusetts to Texas and went on three Convention-related international trips. He spoke thirty-one times at rallies, conferences, state convention meetings, and SBC entities and participated in eight local Baptist associational meetings.

Half of Page’s workin...