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When Syrian refugee Mohammad heard the choir sing at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, Georgia, he remarked, “I don’t know if I believe what they say, but they sure do have a lot of joy.”
Racism is from Satan and his demonic forces, and the only hope for its defeat is the church of Jesus Christ united across societal divisions, Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd told a culturally diverse group of Baptists in Mississippi November 4.
They are all full-time pastors, but many of them are also farmers, public school teachers, salesmen, engineers, construction workers, butchers, agricultural consultants, and business owners.
Ethnic and racial tensions still exist in the Southern Baptist Convention but can heal through transparency, honesty, and divine intervention.
SBC President Fred Luter

Southern Baptist Convention President Fred Luter preaches from Ezekiel 37 on "How to Revive Dry Bones" during the September 16 plenary session of the SBC Executive Committee. Photo by Morris Abernathy.

Proclaiming the Scripture is the most important thing preachers must do if dry bones will live—the only thing that will bring real revival to the Southern Baptist Convention and the nation, according to SBC President Fred Luter.

Genuine revival sweeping through the churches and entities of the SBC is still his heart's desire, Luter told the SBC Executive Committee September 16 in Nashville, drawing comparisons to what he termed the "sad story" of the prophet's vision of dry bones in Ezekiel 37:1-10.

"My ultimate goal is, prayerfully, that we can pray that God will send revival across America and particularly among Southern Baptist churches," he said, "because it's so easy to get sidetracked. It's so easy to get comfortable wh...

Fred Luter challenged Southern Baptists to follow Jesus and be known for evangelism, discipleship, and concern for the lost, in his presidential address to the SBC Executive Committee in Nashville.

Using the familiar question, “What would Jesus do?” Luter stood on Matthew 9:35-38 and drew wisdom from the biblical accounts of Jesus’ interactions with Zacchaeus, blind Bartimaeus, the woman at the well, and the woman caught in adultery, emphasizing concern for the lost, compassion, and prayer.

“If the question was asked, WWJD, what would Jesus do about this generation, about this society, about our nation, my answer would certainly be, Jesus would be concerned about them,” Luter, SBC president and pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, preached during the EC’s February 18 plenary session. If Jesus would be concerned “about the unchurched, we also must be concerned.

“We must be concerned about their hurts, concerned about their struggles, concerned about their addictions, ...

The recommendation of “Great Commission Baptists” as a descriptive name and the prospective election of the first ever African American president are on the horizon for the Southern Baptist Convention’s June 19–20 meeting in New Orleans.

Messengers will decide whether to adopt the informal, non-legal “Great Commission Baptists” descriptor as recommended by the SBC Executive Committee, embracing the suggestion of a special task force appointed to study changing the SBC’s name, deemed by some a regional barrier to the Gospel.

“The overwhelming acceptance of the Executive Committee was the first major step,” SBC President Bryant Wright said of the proposed descriptor. “Obviously, the decision of the Convention will be most important. If approved, our entities will lead the way in using the descriptor. I think it will be a ten to twenty-year process of helping Southern Baptists and the general public to think, ‘Those people really are Great Commission Baptists,’ ...

South Shore Baptist Church

Pastor Russ Rathier keeps a world map on the wall of his study at South Shore Baptist Church, in Crownsville, Maryland, with push pins designating states and countries where the congregation is supporting missions.

Pinpointed are Southeast Asia, Pakistan, the Ukraine, and Nigeria abroad and various locations in America, excluding the countless missions initiatives supported through South Shore's commitment to reaching people through the Cooperative Program. Currently the congregation commits 17 percent of its undesignated offerings through CP.

Not all of us are able to go somewhere, so we support through our tithing," Rathier said. "When we're asked to give, we give."

Rathier said the church also supports missions by giving 5 percent of its offe...