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True Love Waits Goes Global

A little more than two years after launching an initiative to expand True Love Waits throughout Africa, more than 15,500 True Love Waits presentations have been made to African youth, and nearly half a million young people have heard its message promoting sexual abstinence until marriage.

Of that number, more than 200,500 have taken the True Love Waits pledge and nearly 41,500 adults have committed to faithfulness in marriage through the TLW-related "True Love Stays."

In Asia, True Love Waits also is making gains.

Sharon Pumpelly, lead consultant for True Love Waits International, noted, "In sub-Sahara Africa, AIDS has made people hungry for True Love Waits."

She believes there are many other True Love Waits presentations being made and commitments to biblical purity being secured beyond those that have been documented in the AIDS-ravaged African continent where the TLW message, or the lack of it, can have life-and-death consequences.


Expanding the Abstinence Message in Africa

While True Love Waits was holding its first national event in July 1994, a second smaller but perhaps even more powerful True Love Waits observance was taking place half a world away.

On the same day that more than 210,000 covenant cards were being displayed on the National Mall in Washington, D.C, missionaries Larry and Sharon Pumpelly organized a parade in downtown Kampala, Uganda, to introduce the True Love Waits abstinence-until-marriage message to a continent that was being decimated by AIDS.

Twelve years later, True Love Waits has been credited by government leaders in Uganda for a remarkable decrease in the HIV/AIDS infection rate from 30 percent of the population to about 6 percent.

As True Love Waits makes plans to expand its work in Africa through LifeWay's "A Defining Moment" major donor campaign, a small team of ministry representatives recently journeyed to Kenya and Uganda to learn more about how the ab...