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The Bible Belt does not buckle in Illinois. Many of my neighbors don't even own a Bible. Most have never been to a Southern Baptist church and don't know anything about potluck socials, Lottie Moon, or the Cooperative Program ("Is that kind of like a Christmas program?").

But I know this — my neighbors in Illinois need the forgiveness of sins and the love of Jesus just as much as lost people anywhere do. And I know God can use me to help them hear the Good News.

In the last few weeks, I have shared the Good News with people from all kinds of backgrounds. I shared with a Mormon family who had tried in vain to earn salvation through baptism and good works. They discovered the truth of God's Word and trusted Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of the only true God, as Savior. I led a young immigrant from Poland to discover a personal relationship with Christ that was more than empty religious rituals.

A family from a liberal Protestant b...