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In the Bambara culture of West Africa, pride often prevents people from admitting they're hungry. But evidence abounds.

Mud-wall granaries stand empty.

Five-year-old Mariama* sprouts reddish fuzz on top of her head — a sign of malnutrition.

When asked what his family has been eating lately, Mamadou* plucks a green leaf from a nearby tree.

"It tastes very bad," he admits, "but ... it keeps you alive."

And when a sack breaks at the grain distribution site for a Southern Baptist hunger relief project, a village elder drops to his knees to gather grain out of the mud with his fingernails.

"I just know that when Christians come to work in a place, we can't close our eyes to this hardship," Steven Roach, an International Mission Board worker, said.

So he invited a team from the South Carolina Baptist Convention and requested Southern Baptist World Hunger Funds to help stave off starvatio...