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Answering God’s call requires absolute trust—an “all-in” faith that seems daring or even risky to the outside world. One hundred years ago, bold obedience resulted in the creation of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
Blind NOBTS Student Finds Blessing in Challenging Evangelism Course
Andy West and Preston Nix

Andy West (left) and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary evangelism professor Preston Nix. Photo courtesy of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

The very thought of door-to-door evangelism stirs fear in the hearts of even the most committed believers, including those in seminary. Fear about what to say. Fear of rejection. Fear of the unknown.

Add something like physical blindness to the mix and the task becomes even more daunting. That was the situation facing Andy West—blind from birth—when he enrolled in the personal evangelism practicum course required for every student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Along with all the common fears about door-to-door evangelism, West also had a physical limitation to consider.

West, a master of arts in worship ministries student, was not excited a...

Holding their keys high for all to see, thirty New Orleans families celebrated the joy of home ownership at a dedication service in August.

The brightly painted new homes in the Upper Ninth Ward — part of a joint project by New Orleans Southern Baptists and Habitat for Humanity known as the Baptist Crossroads Project — and the smiles of the new owners offered a message of hope in the battered city just days before the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina: "New Orleans is coming back."

"This is ... an investment of our blood, our sweat, and our tears as an endowment to hard-working families in this community to lift them to a new level of economic stability and give them a stake in the community," said David Crosby, pastor of First Baptist Church in New Orleans.

Along with the homes, each new homeowner received a new washer and dryer from Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco's office. Landscaping and road repaving grants have als...

Putting Hands and Feet to the Gospel

Nearly seven hundred volunteers from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary marked the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina by putting hands and feet to the Gospel at twenty-eight sites throughout New Orleans on August 29.

Subjects like pastoral ministry, missions, and evangelism were not taught in the classroom on this day, but in the city. Real-world training took place in hard-hit areas like the Ninth Ward, St. Bernard Parish, and the seminary's own Gentilly neighborhood. The volunteers' work was a message of love, hope, and God's grace — a hug for the hurting city.

Groups gutted homes, chopped waist-high weeds, worked on churches, and prayed. Roving counseling and evangelism teams also walked through neighborhoods offering hope, encouragement, and a Gospel witness not only in English, but in Spanish as well. Most of all, the groups illustrated the love of God in word and in deed.

Teams went out in groups of ten to fifteen people wearing ...

Despite the devastation on the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary campus, President Chuck Kelley said he plans for the main campus to be fully operational in August 2006 and is hopeful that some activities will be held on campus as early as January 2006.

Extension center classes will continue as scheduled.

"New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary is here to stay, and we are getting back to work," Kelley said during a September 1 meeting at the seminary's Atlanta-area North Georgia Campus. "We will have a semester. We will have a December graduation."

Kelley said the August 2006 date is contingent on a number of factors. Trustees must approve the target date during their fall meeting. The date also is contingent on the recovery efforts throughout the city; the s...