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The following is from a sermon delivered on January 28, 2001 by Gary Dyer, pastor of First Baptist Church, Midland, Texas.

I have seen some stunning still pictures in my lifetime — photographs that have permanently etched scenes into my memory. But I don't think any photograph has so moved me as the one of little Samuel Armas' hand holding onto a man's finger.

There is nothing unusual about a picture of a baby's hand, and yet this picture, taken by Michael Clancy for USA Today, has been labeled by some as the photograph of the century. What makes this picture so unique is that Samuel had not yet been born. He was a twenty-one-week-old fetus still developing in the womb of his mother, Julie Armas.

Samuel had been diagnosed with spina bifida, a birth defect in which the spinal column fails to close properly during the first months of pregnancy. Julie and her developing little boy were taken to Vanderbilt University Hos...