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The first Baptist association in America will mark its 300th anniversary in September, and Southern Baptists will join in the celebration at a special associational missions rally June 10 prior to the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting in San Antonio. The rally, which will promote the continuing need for associational work, will be held at San Antonio's First Baptist Church.

Founded in 1707, the Philadelphia Baptist Association — now affiliated with the American Baptist Churches (USA) — has assisted countless churches in starting, developing, growing, and extending the Gospel through a unified message and effort. Today, however, the constituency that the Philadelphia association reaches is vastly different. They are no longer mostly white and scattered across the countryside as they were in the Colonial era.

James McJunkin Jr., executive minister for the association, said the churches that make up this American Baptist region are ethnically a...

A Classic Case Of Faulty Interpretation

Only forty years ago the most commonly quoted verse from the Bible was John 3:16. Most Americans, Christian and non-Christian alike — whether they believed it to be true or not — knew that the verse concerned "God's only begotten Son." It wasn't uncommon to see the verse written on signboards in the cheering sections on Monday Night Football.

Perhaps it was inevitable that our "post-Christian world" — as modern scholars have labeled it — would replace John 3:16 in an attempt to remove any effort to scrutinize moral laxity or confront it. Admonitions to cease and desist from immoral behavior are commonly met today with references to a permissive, milk toast Christ who doesn't demand change from those who follow Him.

Any attempt to claim the moral high ground in arguments about abortion, homosexuality, adultery, and assorted other activities until recently regarded as "sin" are opposed with a different ...