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What the Fossil "Experts" Don't Tell You

Journey with me, if you will, into the mists of prehistory some 3.25 million years ago and pretend for a moment that your name is none other that australopithecus africanus, a Latinism invented by men from the future to classify you as a bipedal hominid, or "southern ape." While it's believed that "Lucy" - an australopithecus afarensis - may have been roaming around to the north and east of you a million years or so earlier, the fact remains that you now find yourself in a never-ending, survival-of-the-fittest struggle for daily existence in the midst of some lush South African forest world. Your evolving mind, however, somehow senses instinctively that a better life can be found at the boundary zone between forest and savanna, where the best of two worlds is available. As for food there, your tentative upright steps allow you to forage the earth and low-lying shrubs for insects, berries, nuts, and fallen fruit, things that satisfy your incessant hunger for a while...

A Powerful Tool in Confronting Darwinism

James C. Hefley is to be commended for his excellent article "Darwin on Trial" in the October '97 issue of SBC LIFE. In the article, Jim called our attention to the groundbreaking work, irreducible complexity, of biochemist Michael Behe. He also emphasized the work of Phillip Johnson, law professor turned paradigm-buster. Anyone with a drop of creationist blood in his or her veins would do well to study Dr. Hefley's article thoroughly. For those who missed the article, Hefley provided a brief history of the creation/evolution controversy, as well as an explanation of the Behe/Johnson power tandem and the challenge they're bringing to neo-Darwinism. Yet, what Hefley addressed runs deeper and wider than most of us realize. A number of things have happened behind the scenes. Preparations for a potential anti-Darwinian coup d'état have been slowly building for years.

A Brief History

The writ...