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In the search for truth about biblical financial principles, I've found it helpful to suggest reference materials as a study resource. Naturally, the word of God is our primary resource: God owns it all and it should not surprise us that His word instructs us about managing His wealth for His glory. Following is a list of additional resources that encourage families to be more responsible as stewards of the resources entrusted to them. Remember this word of caution: until we internalize godly insights and apply them in our daily living, whatever knowledge we gain acts as only another source of frustration.


The Financial Planning Workbook
Larry Burkett

It's a sign of our times that wherever small groups pause to talk, whether it be at the break area or Sunday school class, debt is likely to be discussed. Debt has increased as if we have been inoculated against its dangers. A startling fact that supports our immune condition: Today banks are offering a new level of credit to consumers, up 33% in one year to over $1 trillion with the average credit card debt near $3,900.

God's word brings a different message than we generally hear from the media and those who make their living in the financial markets. "The prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself: but the simple pass on and are punished" (Prov. 22:3).

What does it take to correct the uncontrollable spending in a nation consumed with a materialistic focus and a national debt pushing six trillion? The media reports would have one believe that "confidence is high" while they fail to report that personal bankruptcies again made an upward t...

The non-Christian world continues to find ways to shift attention away from God to material things, and at Christmas, the problem is even more noticeable. Our society has moved from a time, several hundred years ago, when gifts at Christmas were almost non-existent to the current material focus where we feel guilty if gifts don't cost hundreds of dollars. We're constantly pressured to measure up to "the Joneses." The short-sightedness of keeping up with "the Joneses" is that they don't have a clue where they're headed.

As a financial counselor, I will see the results of families who yield to the world's standard for Christmas. Many families fail to comprehend the impact their holiday spending will have until all their Christmas purchases are posted in their credit card accounts. It's not uncommon for a family to spend the remainder of the year paying for their Christmas debt (Prov. 22:7). I can easily reach the conclusion that the community...