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Protecting Our Children

When child abuse (physical or sexual) is experienced, suspected, or discovered, the information needs to be shared with someone in a position to protect the child. This is a matter of biblical instruction and legal responsibility. Any suspected or known abuse needs to be reported immediately upon learning of the alleged incident(s).

Reporting to Public Authorities

Child Welfare Information Gateway is a service of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). DHHS is the primary child protection agency of the federal government. Its Information Gateway can be accessed at This site provides information about who in your state is required by law to report, how to report, and to whom a report should be made. It also provides information about special rules related to ministerial confidentiality. It even gives a telephone number where one may call for advice on how to proceed.

Your SBC Executive Committee

A Note from Morris H. Chapman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the SBC Executive Committee

Dear Southern Baptists:

The title in each of the articles in this four-part series has begun with the phrase: Your SBC Executive Committee. Obviously, this is by design — it reflects the reality of the mindset and heart's desire of the Executive Committee. In introducing the first article, I reminded the readers that the Executive Committee is fully aware that it does not exist to serve itself; rather, it exists to serve the Southern Baptist Convention, and is in fact, an actual committee of the SBC. The Executive Committee is authorized, instructed, and commissioned to perform a number of specific functions on behalf of the Southern Baptist Convention and they are listed in SBC Bylaw 18. The Executive Committee's signal purpose is "to act for the Convention ad interim (between SBC annual meetings) in all mat...

Your SBC Executive Committee

When you have a Christian body as large as the Southern Baptist Convention, with a structure that fully recognizes and respects the autonomy of the local church, inevitably there will be some who misunderstand the responsibilities and authority of the Convention's entities and committees. Even more concerning, some can mistakenly conclude that the Executive Committee either has more authority than is actually assigned by the Convention, or that it may not have sufficient authority to do what is needed.

In the last two issues of SBC LIFE, we have examined the nature of the Southern Baptist Convention's structure, particularly regarding its entities and committees, and the roles and ministries of the SBC Executive Committee. In this third installment (of four) I would like to address the extent of the ...

Your SBC Executive Committee

If you are like most Southern Baptists you may have heard about the SBC Executive Committee, but are probably unfamiliar with its makeup and function. Sometimes it is good to ask, "Who are you, and why are you here?" In the last issue of SBC LIFE we started a four-part series designed to answer such questions. In the first article, we examined the historical and legal context of the Convention, and then considered a brief summary of the Executive Committee's legal makeup and relationship with the Southern Baptist Convention. In this installment we will consider some of the roles and responsibilities the Convention has assigned your Executive Committee. What you are about to read summarizes what you have entrusted to your Executive Committee.

The Fiduciary Role of the Executive Committee

The Southern Baptist Convention has established a "fiduciary" relationship with the Executive Committee, which ...

A Note from Morris H. Chapman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the SBC Executive Committee

Dear Southern Baptists,

Over the last few years, we have taken a number of steps here at the SBC Executive Committee to give you greater access and input to the ministry and function of the Southern Baptist Convention: we continually update to keep you abreast of current discussions and issues; we've made available online messenger registration for the annual Southern Baptist Convention; we've made the recommendation of qualified trustees and committee members more accessible to all Southern Baptists; and we've made it much easier for you to submit resolutions for consideration by the Resolutions Committee.

We have initiated each of these because we are ever mindful of the reality that the Executive Committee does not exist to serve itself; rather, it exists to serve the Southern Baptist Convention th...