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The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship seems to see their organization as a kind of modern-day Noah's Ark of disgruntled Baptists. The creatures on the boat come in all doctrinal stripes and shapes. The CBF General Assembly in Atlanta this summer reveals just what a challenge it must be to keep this boat afloat.

In some rooms of this ark, you'll find Baptists who differ little from grassroots Southern Baptists. By the time you've turned the corner, however, you see a theological menagerie bearing almost no resemblance to anything you have ever seen in a Baptist church.

In one room, you'll find radical feminists worshipping "Mother God" and talking about how hard it is to call God "Father" or "Lord."1 In another room, the dean of a CBF partner school joins with a Jewish rabbi to argue that Jews do not need to have faith in Christ in order to be saved.2 Walk to the next room and you'll ...