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Spreading Like Wildfire

All over the world, new Christians and new churches are multiplying in number — and changing the face of Southern Baptist missions in the process.

Consider two facts gleaned from Southern Baptist missionary reports on the year just past:

• Three church-planting movements played a major role in fueling a 37.4 percent increase in the total number of new churches over 1999.

• In East Asia, baptisms among just one people group exploded with 114,000 in one year. Just eight years ago, only eighty-five Christians and three churches existed in the province.

The emergence of church-planting movements — the spontaneous, rapid multiplication of new disciples and congregations — had a dramatic impact on International Mission Board statistics in 2000. Observers expect even more dramatic reports in the future.

Church-planting movements (CPMs) are taking root even in restricted-access countries and producing a plentiful harvest...

Amsterdam. Berlin. Brussels. Frankfurt. Paris. Madrid. Rome.

Premier cities like these in Western Europe conjure up images of vacation travel. Well-heeled tourists stand in line to snap photos of the Eiffel Tower, sample haute cuisine and spend fortunes on fashion and entertainment.

But for millions of immigrants and refugees who call these cities home, there is no glamour.

Instead of financial success, they find language barriers. Instead of a new life, they find alcohol and nightclubs. And instead of hope, they find spiritual darkness and despair.

Southern Baptists would like to change that.

With a vision for reaching these seven strategic gateway cities in Western Europe, a ministry group called "Tsilent Tsunami" (pronounced: silent soo-NAH-mee) has made inroads with the gospel. Tsilent Tsunami's team members are reaching out to pockets of immigrants and politica...