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CP is the conduit for the most sustainable, multi-generational, multi-faceted mission funding method in Christian history.
In The State Legislature

In 1994, Forrest Claunch (Midwest City) and John Sullivan (Tulsa) were elected to serve in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Through their service as freshmen legislators and later as veterans, they found themselves working together on several common issues. During an afternoon session, Sullivan came over to Claunch's desk, leaned over, and whispered, "You don't like Catholics do you?"

Claunch, a member of First Southern Baptist Church of Del City, was a bit startled by Sullivan's question. "No that's not true," said Claunch. "But that is not the question. What matters is this: If this place were blown up today and you stood before God, would He let you into Heaven, and can you explain why He should?"

Claunch said when he asked the questi...

New Life for Cuba!

Many Baptists think of vocational evangelist as preachers and worship leaders who are platform personalities for special meetings at local churches in the U.S. However there are evangelists who travel outside North America to minister. One evangelist who spends half of his ministry outside the U.S. is Michael Gott. Gott is no stranger to Oklahoma Southern Baptist churches. Since the early '70s he has shared in hundreds of churches predominately in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Many of these churches have heard Gott share about his ministry to Eastern Europe prior to the collapse of communism. He knew political change was in the wind for Europe because of the power of the gospel and the principles of liberty founded on the truths of Scripture.

Now Gott's international ministry is focussed on the island nation of Cuba. How did he go from Europe to Cuba? Gott answers by saying, "About ten years ago, I was preaching in Eastern Europe. The Cuban governm...