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Pro-life activists need a firm grounding in science and apologetics — and a unique group of celebrities is trying to help ensure they get it.

When it comes to life issues, Oscar- and Emmy-winning folks like Christopher Reeve and Michael J. Fox aren't uncommon activists. They draw tons of media attention to their pet causes — and all too often, take positions that don't affirm the personhood of preborn children.

But now, a different group of celebrities is using its star power to help raise $1 million for the pro-life movement.

Instead of Hollywood, think Cooperstown. Instead of box-office champs, think World Series champs.

The program is called Battin' 1000 and is sponsored by the American Life League (ALL) in hopes that 1,000 people nationwide will each donate $1,000 to help build a pro-life university in Virginia.

"Baseball is our oldest sport and has wonderful associations with our heritage and cult...

Exposing Illegal and Predatorial Practices

An undercover investigation reveals that abortion clinic workers know what statutory rape is and the laws requiring them to report it. Yet most of the time, they say nothing.

Life was looking pretty good to JoAnne Bennett in 1999.

Her job at a Pennsylvania law firm was going well. She had two daughters, ten and thirteen, she was very proud of. And best of all, she was engaged to a man she was sure would make a great stepdad.

That September, though, Bennett got the news that would bring her tranquil world crashing down: Her fiancé had been sexually abusing her older daughter for more than a year.

It didn't seem like things could get any worse — but a few months later, they did. Her daughter told her that as a result of the abuse, she had gotten pregnant twice wi...