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Nobody wanted to have me, except for God," says Becky Harber, the much-loved and respected wife of Frank Harber, pastor of First Baptist Church in Colleyville, Texas.

About thirty-five years ago, Becky was born in the Edna Gladney Home (now called the Gladney Center for Adoption), a medical care facility for unwed mothers in Fort Worth, Texas. When she was only a week old, Vernon and Delores Florence and their sons Sam and Jay adopted her into their family and took her to their east Texas home in the town of Big Sandy.

Vernon and Delores Florence had been unable to conceive more children after having their biological sons but had desired to adopt a baby girl. Only eight months after completing the adoption paperwork, the agency called to offer the Florences the chance to adopt Becky. "We w...

"I'm about to pray and bless the food," a restaurant patron said to the young Hispanic woman who had just delivered his food. "Is there any need in your life I could pray for?"

That patron was not an evangelist or pastor, but an ordinary man with an infectious passion for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with anyone, anywhere, anytime — Ron Cogburn, president of a consulting firm in Dallas, husband and father, and layman at First Baptist Church in Colleyville, Texas.

Cogburn sends out a weekly e-mail called "The Soul Winner's Diary" in which he shares his own stories and those of others that demonstrate the power of the gospel to change lives. In his entry for July 17, he wrote about his soul-winning adventure from that same day in a Fry's Electronics store while purchasing a laptop computer:

"The gentleman that helped me was very courteous and proactive in anticipating my questions and concerns. During the ...