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Whatever happened to the value of objectivity in American journalism? Not so long ago, editors and the public demanded that reporters keep their stories free of personal opinions. Journalists were occasionally allowed to write commentaries, but those columns were clearly marked "editorials" OT "analysis."

A reporter who dared infest a news story with personal opinion would likely have been bawled out by the editor and viewed as either naive or unprofessional. The editor's blue pencil would strike out the offending portions or the reporter would have to redo the story.

But today the state of American journalism has degenerated to the point that journalists' opinions pepper the news pages of national publications and taint the stories of TV news broadcasts.

Let me say clearly: No reporter is free of bias. We all have our opinions. But according to the old-fashioned code of journalism — which I think is far superior to the condesce...

The divorce rate is down in Modesto, Calif. — thanks in large part to a "Community Marriage Policy" established ten years ago by the Greater Modesto Ministerial Association.

More than 100 area evangelical churches have closed ranks and established three key requirements for couples who want to be married in church:

(1) an engagement period of at least four months.

(2) at least four sessions of premarital counseling.

(3) learning about the value of marriage enrichment training within the first two years of marriage and mentoring by equipped, spiritually mature couples.

During the past decade, Modesto's population tripled but the divorce rate plummeted 18 to 27 percent annually, said Guy Grimes, pastor of Orangeburg Avenue Baptist Church.

"Most couples spend many hours and weeks preparing for a 45-minute ceremony," Grimes observed. "But we want them also to be well-prepared for the marriage itself t...

Church Learns That Vision Is More Important Than Gold

It seemed like a dream come true. Gold was discovered in 1986 on property owned by Sawney's Creek Baptist Church in Ridgeway, S.C. The church suddenly had money to fulfill several of its dreams.

Proceeds from the sale of the church property helped the congregation relocate and build a new sanctuary, education building, family life center, and parsonage.

But extra money, by itself, cannot guarantee growth, says the church's pastor, Richard Humphries. Even after the discovery of gold, the small church's attendance plummeted from 59 to a low of 40 in 1989.

It was only after the church became desperate and broadened its vision that the climate became right for growth, Humphries indicated.

"One of the deacons got up and said, 'We're dying. There's death all around us, but there's life out there somewhere,'" Humphries noted. "The life just happened to be be...