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Cybersex is the new drug of choice - and pastors are not immune.

A study by Zogby International and Focus on the Family reported that as many as one in five adults has sought out pornography on the Internet. Eighteen percent of those who confessed to looking for pornography also professed to be born again Christians.

What's even more alarming is the number of pastors struggling with online pornography. Though exact figures aren't available, Steve Watters of Focus on the Family reports, "one out of every five individuals who contact a phone line specifically set up to counsel families in Christian ministry admit to having a pornography problem."1

For the pastor caught with online pornography the consequences are severe: guilt; embarrassment; a lost ministry; scandalized congregation; shattered reputation; sabotaged marriage; devastated family; the cause of Christ obstructed. Even if he's not discovered, the fear of discovery, guilt, and silent...

You've purchased a computer and now you want to get on the Internet. Great! But which Internet Service Provider (ISP) is right for your family? Maybe you're already online. But you and your family have been surfing without safeguards. Fortunately, you haven't stumbled onto anything offensive, but you know it's there and it's too easy to find. Or maybe a friend has wandered into an area they shouldn't have. Now you want to do more to protect your family. Where do you turn?

In the last few years, a new breed of Internet Service Providers has developed. The family-friendly ISP offers a new level of protection for you and your family. These new ISPs do the work of blocking offensive sites and screening search results for you. Some even block chat and filter e-mail. Most block more than "adult" or pornographic sites, screening for sites that include: graphic violence, drug use, criminal activities, profanity, homosexuality, hate, gambling, and other dangerous content...