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The world's spiritual condition is the most pressing reason for Porter Memorial Baptist Church's commitment to reaching people through Southern Baptists' Cooperative Program. Pointing to the 2 billion people in the world's "10-40 Window" who have little access to the Gospel, senior pastor William Henard said the CP channel for supporting national and international missions and ministry "helps us to see beyond ourselves, to recognize the mission of the church is to reach people."

"Ultimately our mission in life is to glorify God, but we glorify God by fulfilling the Great Commission," the pastor said. "The Cooperative Program helps us to stay focused on looking beyond our four walls."

Henard said his CP commitment started long before he arrived at the Lexington, Kentucky, congregation seven years ago. When he was at a small church early in his ministry, that congregation could support only a few missionaries on a limi...

Members of First Baptist Church, Hindman, Ky., say Mike Caudill was a dedicated soul-winner and preacher. But his recovery from the loss of his son, Casey, has strengthened their faith and fashioned the pastor into someone marked by such words as "loving," a "mentor," and "counselor."

Sixteen-year-old Casey collapsed near the Knott County Central High School baseball field after practice three years ago from a previously undetected heart ailment. After comforting so many who had been touched by death in the town of 800 - Casey was the seventh teen to die in a twenty-seven-month period — the pastor now was on the receiving end.

"I sit in awe of how God has blessed Mike's life," said Jarvis Williams, one of Casey's former classmates and now a student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. "Most people would have quit the ministry.

"God can use not only the words of his heart but his u...

Tim Watts became a member of Central Baptist Church via a traditional baptismal ceremony. But his road to receiving Christ as Savior began in an unconventional classroom filled with cars, a lift, and the smell of grease.

The twenty-four-year-old utility company lineman is the first convert from a Thursday evening Bible study taught by Frank Johnson. It meets in his 26-by-62-foot garage, a neighborhood hangout for car enthusiasts and racing buffs.

Up to a dozen men gather for an hour-long lecture by the instructor, who uses outlines compiled from Bible commentaries and past LifeWay Sunday school lessons he taught at Central in Winchester, Ky.

"He made it interesting," said Watts, who lives in nearby Richmond. "Before, I didn't understand what was going on (at church). But he's down to earth. I understood what he was trying to get across and what he was telling us.

"The more I knew him," he added, "the more I wanted ...

In a modern twist to the parable of the Good Samaritan, First Baptist Church of Orlando, Fla., will provide free housing for pastors, ministerial staff and missionaries attending this June's Southern Baptist Convention.

The "Good Samaritan Inn" will rely on members of the congregation willing to open their homes to qualifying messengers and their families between June 10-15.

To qualify, applicants must be current or retired ministerial staff or missionaries. They also must forward a letter from their church verifying their status and messenger credentials.

Pastors can sign up by e-mailing a message to or by leaving a voice mail message at (407) 514-4411. The church plans to add on-line registration; check its Internet site - - for details. The deadline to apply is April 15.

This option is for housing only and does not include transportation or food. The number of spaces available has not...

The federal government is supporting the religious discrimination claim of a former Southern Baptist pastor who said his beliefs cost him his job at a North Carolina newspaper.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has sued the Raleigh News & Observer for alleged discrimination and unfair employment practices. The lawsuit asks that Tim Wilkins be awarded back pay, reinstatement to his job, and punitive damages.

Ironically, Wilkins had contacted the Rutherford Institute in August for help with his case. Three months earlier, he sued the newspaper for alleged defamation of character for a story it ran about his dismissal. However, that case is being handled separately from the discrimination claim.

Ron Rissler, legal coordinator for Rutherford, a Charlottesville, Va.-based Christian rights organization, said he was surprised to learn recently that the EEOC had filed a lawsuit on Aug. 31.

"It was quite a surprise to us becaus...

Just days after the school year began at Columbine High School, a subsidiary of The Disney Company was premiering a film portraying the kidnapping of a teacher by three students.

After last April's mass murder at the suburban Denver school, Miramax Films postponed the May release of Killing Mrs. Tingle. The Disney subsidiary then changed the film's title to Teaching Mrs. Tingle and slated its premiere for Aug. 20.

The plot, described by one reviewer as a "black comedy," involves a would-be valedictorian whose chance for a college scholarship may be ruined by her history teacher's accusation of cheating. Miramax's Internet site calls the film "wicked," while an advertisement in the Aug. 15 Los Angeles Times promises, "This Friday, three students are about to get even with the teacher from hell."

"Just about the time we think we've pushed the envelope we push it a little further," said Darrell ...

Though the Walt Disney Co.'s healthy earnings helped its stock price to nearly double since 1995, a respected Wall Street financial publication claims the company has enhanced recent results by disregarding generally accepted accounting procedures.

Writing in Barron's, accounting professor Abraham Briloff of New York's Binghamton University, alleged that Disney created an unreported $2.5 billion reserve that inflated Disney's earnings after it took over the ABC television network in 1996.

Following Briloff's story in March, Barron's carried an update in May stating that Disney had also exaggerated its fiscal second-quarter results.

By selectively making certain adjustments in its year-to-year comparisons, Barron's reported most recently that Disney was able to report a $68 million profit, an increase of 21 percent over the previous year. But according to the May update in Barron's, an even-handed treatment of these...

After five years of fighting values-free sex education curriculum, Joneen Krauth believes the tide is turning in favor of abstinence.

"It is awesome," said Krauth, a former intensive care nurse who teaches public school workshops known as "WAIT Training," which stands for "Why Am I Tempted?"

Krauth, of suburban Denver, organized the seminars, ranging from ninety-minute assemblies to day-long presentations, after reviewing her son's seventh-grade science text and finding a unit included instruction in condom use.

In north Florida, former teacher Pam Mullarkey is seeing similar success in reaching teenagers. The founder of Project Save Our Students (SOS) said her abstinence-based program has made presentations to 10,000 students in five counties. It is also beginning new works at a juvenile institution and the U.S. Naval Station at Jacksonville.

The Navy recently signed a contract with SOS to present monthly training sem...

Chrysi and Earl Doner are the perfect '90s couple. No, they didn't bring any children into marriage. Nor do they come from broken homes. When their pastor, Tom Elliff, said, "You may kiss the bride," it marked the first time their lips touched.

A match made in heaven? Perhaps. If so, their parents served as God's agents — these newlyweds pursued a serious relationship only with their approval and guidance. A practice as old as Isaac appears to be making a comeback: courtship.

"It's not based on a lot of values the American dating culture is based on," says Earl, a mechanical engineer in Oklahoma City, Okla. "I fell in love with Chrysi's mom and dad before I even knew her. Who we are as people has a lot to do with the family God has placed us in."

"With courtship you don't put on the false front you tend to have during dating," says Chrysi. "You tend to see people the way they really are. E...

John Paulk still winces when he recalls the anti-homosexual protesters along the parade path of the 1985 "Gay Pride" march in Columbus, Ohio.

Dressed in high heels, white gown, and bleached blonde hair, Paulk was riding in a red Corvette convertible driven by his male lover.

As he approached a bridge, chanting opponents held signs like "God Hates Homosexuals" and "Leviticus 3:5-6" — as if he was reading Leviticus in his spare time, he joked. But the banner that really angered him read, "Love the Sinner, Not the Sin."

He thought, "'I hate you. Who would want to follow a God like that?' I wonder how many people have felt the same thing. Yet, inside this shell of a person was someone who was lonely, depressed and despondent, wondering if this was all life would amount to."

That experience, and the Southern Baptist couple who led him to salvation two years later, convinced Paulk that homosexuals ...