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Expository Preaching, The Antidote to Postmoderism

"Until the Enlightenment, philosophers and theologians traveled a single road, 'Authority Avenue.' In the 18th century, however, these travelers came to a fork in the road. The old road was marked with the old sign 'Authority of Revelation.' The new road sign, marking the new fork, was erected by Immanuel Kant and read 'Autonomy of Reason.'"

With these words David Allen, senior pastor of MacArthur Boulevard Baptist Church and director of the Jerry Vines Institute of Biblical Preaching at Criswell College, began the three-day H.I. Hester Lecture Series on preaching at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Allen, who also serves as a professor of preaching at the Dallas college, is the co-author with Jerry Vines of "Biblical Authority and Homiletics" in the book Authority and Interpretation: A Baptist Perspective, and has written a number of articles on preaching, including "Hermeneutics, Exegesis, and Proclamat...

When I was called to a little, dying congregation in the inner city of Chicago, it seemed that all they were looking for was an ecclesiastical Dr. Kevorkian, but God had other plans," said Charles Lyons, pastor of the 2,000-member multicultural Armitage Baptist Church in Chicago.

Lyons, speaking at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in April, challenged students to get involved in what God is doing in America's urban centers, noting while God has been massing His creation at church doorsteps, churches have been going out the back door.

Using the Apostle Paul's example and experience at Ephesus as recorded in Acts 19, Lyons said, "As Paul walked down the bustling avenues of this crossroads city without a computer mailing list, a cell phone or a fax machine, he probably thought to himself, 'What's a nice Jewish boy like me doing in a place like this?'

"To answer that, we have to go back further," said Lyons, "because, before...