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The blatant obscenities of some things are so obvious that writing about them seems superfluous. Silence, however, would be unforgivable.

Recently, several professional basketball players reached the ends of their contracts and became free agents. That means they could sell their sports talent to the highest bidders. And, high bidders there were.

Michael Jordan will be the National Basketball Association's highest paid player next year. He agreed to a one-year contract worth at least $25 million. Shaquille O'Neal was offered $120 million for seven years, which means he will receive only $17.14 million a year. Juwan Howard agreed to a seven-year contract for $105 million. Gary Payton is scheduled to receive a paltry $85 million over the next seven years. And the list goes on.

Let's put this into perspective. Michael Jordan, by consensus the greatest player in professional basketball, will receive more for playing a kid's game next year than Lady Di ...