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Three metaphors unfold the mystery of Christ's intimate relationship with His beloved church.

On a cool mid-September evening in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, I sat across from two Anglican leaders: one, an orthodox theologian from the Church of England whom I have long respected, and the other, a national representative of the Episcopal Church of the USA (ECUSA). The ECUSA representative was the Right Reverend Douglas Theuner, retiring Bishop of New Hampshire. We were in the midst of an international conversation between Anglicans and Baptists.

Everybody's mind was on the rising indignation of conservative Anglicans over the impending consecration of the Reverend Vicky Gene Robinson, an open homosexual, as the successor of Bishop Theuner. While this crisis was certainly on everybody's mind, these very respectable (read "polite and non-confrontational") ecclesiastics and scholars would not broach the subject. Like many Southern Baptist conservatives (read "more confrontational") I could not let the issue pass. I introduced the subject in a public forum b...