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A Review

Theologians of the Baptist Tradition, Timothy George and David S. Dockery, eds. (Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 2001)

Baptist Theologians! That must be a misprint. Aren't Baptists the ones who don't do theology? Aren't they the ones who say, "Hey, you believe your way and I'll believe my way. Live and let live, I say. Evangelism and missions unify but theology divides, right?"

So goes the impression many have regarding Baptists and theology. But with the publication of this 400-page volume from Broadman & Holman, such views appear at least misleading if not downright false.

Fourteen authors combine efforts to introduce readers to seventeen Baptist theologians while George and Dockery provide introductory and concluding chapters designed to put Baptist theologizing into historical context and point the way for the future of Baptist theology. A biographical sketch, along with an exposition of major theological emphases and ...