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Four key Southern Baptist pastors will be casting vision for the Cooperative Program in different regions of the country as part of the “young leaders” initiative of the SBC Executive Committee.
Arlington had changed dramatically, but Fielder Church was still white—and declining. The pastor knew the church had to change as well, if it was going to survive.
The need for more churches in Fairbanks, Alaska weighed heavily on Joe and Cindy Boney. As new church planter with the NAMB, they were praying fervently that God would show them how.
Eighty next-generation leaders got an insider’s glimpse of the Southern Baptist Convention’s inner workings in a series of mealtime meetings with five key SBC leaders.
Pray4EveryHome’s technology allows church members to better understand their community and even pray by name for neighbors they have yet to meet.
Worldwide, 870 million people don't have enough to eat—and the vast majority of them have no idea how much God loves them. A new initiative involving the Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund aims to tackle both those problems. Global Hunger Relief, a new branding of the World Hunger Fund, takes the historic World Hunger Fund's unique "dollar in, dollar out" message to new and wider audiences—and challenges a new generation of believers to personally take Jesus' love to starving souls, in both word and deed.

World Hunger Sunday
When Southern Baptists observe their annual World Hunger Sunday, they will be called to demonstrate the love of Jesus, several key Southern Baptist leaders said.

Scripture recounts several instances, like the one recorded in Matthew 14:14, when Jesus was moved with compassion for a large crowd and was moved to meet their needs. The Greek word translated "compassion" refers to tender emotions, deeply felt feelings, or a deep churning in a person's spirit. That surge of compassion compels a response, said Tom Elliff, president of the International Mission Board.

"When the Scripture speaks of our Lord being 'moved with compassion' it refers to the kind of response we would call 'gut-wrenching,'" Elliff said. "Society is accustomed to being lulled to sleep by scenes of indescribable horror and hunger, but genuine compassion, the kind of compassion that moves a person to act, is part of the DNA of every true believer.


Our Only Hope

If Southern Baptists are going to fulfill their God-given mission in a lost world, they must deal with fragmentation and self-centeredness and recommit themselves to gratitude, trust, unified ministry, and honesty, messengers were told during the opening session of the SBC annual meeting June 14.

"We have been headed in the wrong direction, in several ways," said Frank Page, SBC Executive Committee president, during the EC's report to the convention. "Our convention is fracturing into various groups, some theological, most methodological. Sometimes there is an honest difference of opinion, but often there is self-centeredness that frequently mirrors our own culture.

"Christ-like selflessness is our only hope."

While many have lamented a decline in giving through the SBC's Cooperative Program missions channel, Page cited statistics that showed total mission expenditures in Southern Baptist churches also have declined over the past twenty years. In 1989, Southern Baptist congregatio...

“A Great Commission People with a Great Commandment Heart” will provide the focus for a June 14-15 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Phoenix that will be more compact and offer more opportunities for fellowship.

A broad range of auxiliary activities also will be held, from Crossover 2011 evangelistic outreach events to the annual Pastors’ Conference and Woman’s Missionary Union annual meeting and missions celebration.

The SBC’s business sessions in the Phoenix Convention Center will include messengers’ consideration of recommendations from the SBC Executive Committee’s review of ethnic church and ethnic church leader participation in the convention.

Bryant Wright, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, said last year’s emphasis on “Great Commission Resurgence” laid the foundation for this year’s challenge to fulfill Christ’s disciple-making command.

“I’m very thankful for what Johnny Hunt and the GCR Task Force did in calling...

Southern Baptists have been given a tremendous opportunity to help fulfill the Great Commission in their lifetime, but it will take a radical reassessment of priorities to make it happen, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention told trustees of the SBC Executive Committee on September 21.

"With the passion of the young adult Christians of today, with the modern means of travel, with the modern technology, God has given us an opportunity to fulfill His Great Commission in our lifetime," Bryant Wright said. "The question we have to ask is, even though our denomination will just be one part of His Kingdom enterprise, are we as Southern Baptists going to be willing to pay the price — the radical price — to do what it takes to see that the Gospel is taken to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts in our lifetime?"

The realistic possibility that the Gospel could, in the words of Matthew 24:14, "be preached in the whole wor...