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Dazed by the explosion, fifteen-year-old Mark Anthony took a step backward. He slipped in someone's blood on the sidewalk.

Whether by courage, inspiration from God, or simply a response to hurting people, the son of Southern Baptist representatives John and Connie Anthony had deliberately entered the crowded Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall in Jerusalem just seconds after two bombs exploded there Sept. 4.

He saw the third bomb go off shortly afterward. He saw a street full of bodies and body parts.

Avoiding terrorism has become a way of life for the Anthonys, as it has for other residents of Jerusalem. So it is something of a mystery to Connie Anthony that her son walked into the chaos, while others with him turned instinctively and ran the other direction.

"We have always taught them if there's ever a bombing or whatever to go the other way," she said.

Mark explained his actions from a higher plane of thought.


Appeal Set for Sept. 15

On the soil where American soldiers fought to secure freedom, Robert Hussein passes each day unprotected from tyranny.

Once a wealthy contractor, Hussein, 44, has been stripped by Kuwait's courts of his civil rights and his material wealth — assets totaling $4 million — and driven into hiding. Now his enemies would have his life as well.

His crime? Refusal to renounce his faith in Jesus Christ and embrace Mohammed, the founder of Islam. Claiming the Kuwait government is actually behind the attacks against him, Hussein has gone into exile. His wife and two children, ages 4 and 7, and his brothers and sisters risk death if they communicate with him.

Like many nations, Kuwait declares by its constitution it allows freedom of religion, while its Muslim-dominated court system con...