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According to a British news report, the Royal Navy has discovered an innovative cost-cutting measure. In teaching recruits to fire guns at the HMS Cambridge training facility near Plymouth, live rounds are no longer used. Instead, sailors-in-training are given phony shells; they are to then load the fake shell, aim the gun, and exclaim, "Bang!"

As one might imagine, naval recruits consider it a joke, but a Royal Navy representative (presumably with a straight face) insisted that live firing was not necessary in training, given that real shells cost too much in comparison to the value received in firing them.

Actually, the HMS Cambridge is itself a bit of a phony. It is not a ship, but a ship-like structure built on dry land adjacent to the sea.

There is a great danger in the 21st century that Christian higher education may become the academic equivalent of the HMS Cambridge: a feeble imitation of what it purports to be, sending graduates into a secula...

Brother Bob delivered a masterpiece of homiletical eloquence. His studies had uncovered untold gems of biblical exegesis, myriad details of textual background, stirring quotations from Spurgeon and Shakespeare, and a gripping story to conclude the sermonic performance.

Bob was still wondering what size his "Preacher of the Year" plaque might be when it all came crashing down around the Sunday dinner table, as his 13-year old son asked, "So, Dad, what was that sermon supposed to be about?"

What is a sermon supposed to be about, anyway? To hear some messages, a listener would have to conclude that the purpose of a sermon is to fill the available space between the choir anthem and the invitation. There are few factors more likely to cause a sermon to "crash and burn" than the lack of a clear, concise purpose. Before a preacher steps into the pulpit, it is essential that he k...