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Resisting That Perilous Push

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. ~ Philippians 2:3 (NIV)

We all need to feel that we have a place of significance. But needing to have significance in God's Kingdom is not the villain that torments us — in fact, God made us with this wholesome desire for value and significance. This desire is not sinful in and of itself.

The place where we run our train off the tracks is when we assume we can orchestrate our own importance through clever management of our ministry by performance and by acquiring some degree of power.

At this point we need the words of Jeremiah. Jeremiah's counsel to Baruch is timely in our day: But as for you, do you seek great things for yourself? Stop seeking! (Jeremiah 45:5, HCSB).

Worthy Ambition

There is such a thing as honorable ambition, but honorable ambition should be r...

Remembering What God Did in Wales 100 Years Ago

One hundred years after the Welsh revival of 1904 the heart-cry of millions is, "Lord, do it again!"

The eye-witness descriptions of the Welsh revival make our hearts burn as we are told how the glory of the Lord fell on church after church across the little principality of Wales. In time the revival had impacted much of the English-speaking world. The results were astonishing. The Welsh revival was to have an incredible worldwide impact.

Edwin Orr is thought by many to have the best knowledge of the history of revivals. He has written much on the subject as a recognized authority, particularly on the subject of the Welsh revival. He calls it "the worldwide awakening of the early twentieth century."

The twentieth-century started with the remarkable outpouring of the Spirit. May future generations observe that the twenty-first century started the same way! But for that to happen, we must become people of holy desperation. The warning is that li...

Before evangelism was ever a program or a profession it was a passion for those of us called of God — a passion of the heart that drove us first to our knees and then out into the world to proclaim the gospel. That God-wrought urgency compelled us to tell the waiting world of Him. We were on fire, and we could not hide it!

But something has happened — that fire in many has been all but extinguished. This raises two compelling questions: on the one hand, how do we retain it; on the other, how do we recapture it?

Spurgeon once said, "Your sermons — make them red hot; never mind if men say you are too enthusiastic or even fanatical." God bless dear Spurgeon for reminding us that a witness of Christ is a laughing stock to the world — and to the devil — unless there is a Holy Spirit urgency burning within. But today some churchmen suggest heartfelt enthusiasm for Christ is a bit naive!

The well-worn story tells how the old dea...