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A Book Review

Why are you in the ministry? How are you to conduct yourself as a minister? How are you to reach your goals in ministry? A pastor's ministry will be defined by the answer to each of these three questions. In Rediscovering Pastoral Ministry, Dr. John MacArthur, Jr. and the faculty of The Master's Seminary address these questions and challenge readers to evaluate their ministry according to the answers.

The initial question focuses on the essence of one's motivation for entering into Christian service. The pastorate by its very nature demands that a person should look inwardly and scrutinize what has driven him to take up the gauntlet of ministry. The authors guide the reader to earnestly consider the biblical and personal requirements for becoming a pastor. Appraising the process of self-examination, Alex Montoya articulates that "before one can learn how to lead, one must know why." The question of motivation moves the same author to observe that the N...