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In a sermon focused on witnessing, baptizing, and Cooperative Program missions, Southern Baptist Convention President Bobby Welch concluded his two years of service June 14 at the SBC's annual meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Preaching from the John 6:1-14 account of the young boy whose five loaves and two fishes ultimately fed five thousand people, Welch often repeated the word "more."

After reading the passage aloud, Welch said Jesus looked at the crowd and wanted more souls to save.

"Isn't it a wonderful thought that Jesus always has an eye for the crowd?" Welch asked. "He's looking out for the multitude."

Revealing his concern that Southern Baptists aren't looking at the multitudes of non-Christians with ...

Having scheduled sixty-eight Everyone Can Win One rallies and pastors' luncheons across North Carolina, Southern Baptist Convention President Bobby Welch completed his eighteenth such meeting at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Carthage during his March 5 through April 30 schedule.

Continuing the "Everyone Can" Kingdom Challenge! he launched when he was elected SBC president in 2004, Welch said the rallies and pastors' meetings will encourage thousands of North Carolina Southern Baptists to sign up for and attend the Crossover evangelistic opportunities preceding this year's SBC annual meeting in Greensboro. This year's Crossover Triad evangelistic thrust is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, June 10-11, with the SBC's annual meeting to follow on June 13-14 at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex.

Welch said his Everyone Can Win One meetings "represent my heart's desire and soul-deep convicti...

Aboard a private jet, a rescue helicopter, and a layman's SUV, SBC President Bobby Welch made his third visit to the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast.

Accompanying Welch into New Orleans, when half the city was still under water, were David Hankins, executive director of the Louisiana Baptist Convention; Fred Luter, pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans; and Stephen Trammell, pastor of Florida Boulevard Baptist Church in Baton Rouge.

Arriving by car at Williams Boulevard Baptist Church in Kenner, the visitors walked into the church's family life center to see about one hundred state troopers, city police, and other law enforcement officers from across the country being housed at the church for their post-Katrina operations.

Across the street was Troop B headquarters of t...

"Who needs Jesus? If you're lost and need Jesus, come over here."

That's what George Swaringen was saying at the end of a food line at First Baptist Church in Pascagoula, Mississippi, when Morris H. Chapman, president of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee and a Mississippi native, arrived at the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief feeding station there.

"I tell the people, 'You've got bread and water from the food line. But I'm passing out the Bread and Water of life,'" Swaringen, a member of Antioch Baptist Church in Woodbury, Georgia, told Chapman. Swaringen had already led several people to Christ — one while Chapman was on-site.

"George, Southern Baptists praise God for men like you," Chapman said. "We love ...

"What a devastating occurrence, but also a divine opportunity," said Bobby Welch, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, after visiting hurricane-ravaged Mississippi on September 1-2.

Welch visited Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams in Biloxi and Hattiesburg, three churches along Mississippi's Gulf Coast and two relief centers in Jackson.

"Southern Baptists have their greatest opportunity to say 'Jesus' to the lost people of the Gulf Coast states and to this nation in our response to what is an unprecedented natural...

The Makings of Something Extraordinary

Southern Baptist Convention President Bobby Welch said March 22 that he's "beginning to see the makings" of "something extraordinary" within the denomination.

Welch spoke at the Tennessee Baptist Convention church planters meeting, focusing on Welch's Everyone Can Kingdom Challenge for Evangelism.

The Everyone Can campaign "is getting the same touch, the same feel about it" of a great revival, said Welch, who moved to Nashville in February expressly to generate support for evangelistic activities related to the June 21-22 SBC annual meeting.

Welch launched the Everyone Can campaign last year via a nationwide bus tour, traversing the country and urging Southern Baptists to "Win ... Witness ... & Baptize 1 MILLION" people.

Recalling what he'd heard about the famous Shantung revival, Welch confessed to the church planters he had thought something like that may never happen a...

A sense of urgency for evangelism is topmost in the mind of the Southern Baptist Convention's newly elected president, Bobby Welch.

Welch, pastor for thirty years of First Baptist Church in Daytona Beach, Florida, underscored his evangelistic convictions and answered questions concerning "homosexual marriage" and the sentiment among some Southern Baptists to remove their children from public schools in his post-election news conference June 15.

"The concern for me, and the axis of advance that I intend to try to encourage in this Convention, will be that of unity of purpose for evangelism," Welch said.

"My commitment is that we stay true to the most critical mission we have as Southern Baptists — and that is what Jesus died for, seeking and saving the lost. We affectionately call that, as you know, the Great Commission," Welch told reporters.

Southern Baptists have made plain the things they are against, Welch sai...

Two bouts of rheumatic fever, Sjogren's syndrome, and the ravages of cancer and its treatment provide but a glimpse into the painful life of Clara Cox.

Cox, a member of Chatmoss Baptist Church in Martinsville, Va., also suffered from an abusive mother and an abusive spouse.

Her godly grandmother, a loving pastor, and a confident and consistent prayer life, as well as faith in God, buoyed Cox's hope in her sea of despair.

Diagnosed in 1983 with Sjogren's syndrome - a connective tissue disorder - Cox found herself kneeling in the hospital chapel. "I asked the Lord to give me the strength to show others what a wonderful Savior He is," she said.

In 1987, Cox began a battle with cancer - a battle she still wages today, much to the surprise of her doctors. Again, she credits prayers and her faith.

It was a "faith" of a different sort that led Cox to tell her doctor of Jewish descent about biblical Christianity earli...