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Voices are being raised in our culture that say, 'Back away from the culture war. We've lost it. Just build our separate institutions. Have nothing any more to do with the culture,'" Charles Colson observed.

"This is no time to turn away from the culture around us," countered the founder of Prison Fellowship in addressing the Southern Baptist Pastors' Conference June 14 in Atlanta.

"That would be exactly a sin of despair because it would deny the sovereignty of God," Colson said.

"Those of you on the front line equipping the troops for the great renaissance, the great renewal of the Christian faith that I believe is coming - preach boldly, but always humbled by the awe that a holy God has chosen you to speak for Him and to represent Him to a needy world," Colson counseled.

Twenty-five years ago, he was sentenced to prison for his role in the Watergate scandal. He remembered thinking that his chances for doing anyt...

Simple Plan to Touch a World

Tucked in a mountain valley in northeast Tennessee is the town of Erwin.

There's a certain romance about living in Erwin, near the edge of Cherokee National Forest's pristine grandeur. There are certain restrictions, too. Like being landlocked by federal property and the town next door.

When Mike Womack arrived in Erwin in 1982 as pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, he was underwhelmed by the University of Tennessee's flat-to-negative growth projections for that corner of the world.

His own surveys revealed seventy-five churches for Erwin's 16,000 people, and a high concentration of Baptists living within a 100-mile radius of Erwin, almost all with traditional church ties.

Even so, Mike and Calvary's 225-plus active members achieved an astounding growth statistic: In 1982, the church gave about $3,500 to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

In 1996, $39,000.

But that's not all. They've "adopted" mis...

Evangelist Carl Carrigan Is On the Front Lines for Christ
Wear a flashy sport coat to church next Sunday, something in a polyester plaid, and prepare to be called an evangelist. Maybe this stereotype began with John the Baptist and his coat of camel hair. Or maybe with George Blaurock, an Anabaptist and reformer whose last name means blue coat. Southern Baptist evangelists don't much resemble John the Baptist or George Blaurock. Nor do they mimic all their habits. But evangelists' hardships are as timeless as their message. They may eat honey, but they don't eat locusts. And none of them break the ice on frozen rivers for baptismal services, as Blaurock did.